Putnam Lake on Pause

The world is going through a difficult time. But I would like to be able to bring a little joy to people while also documenting the current Covid-19 Crisis. I will be offering free portrait photography sessions in my community as a way to give back and share our stories of this time. Please direct message me on FaceBook if you wish to take part in the Putnam Lake on Pause project. At this time you must live, or run a business, in Putnam Lake, NY to participate. It takes no more than about 5 minutes and I will photograph you from at least 12 ft away and at all times will be observing social distancing protocols.

All I’m asking in return that you either make a donation to a local charity or purchase something from one of our local merchants if you are able. You inability to do this will not affect you ability to participate in this project. I recommend Second Chance Foods, Inc.

Be well!

Justin Goodhart

Justin Goodhart Photography