Row of Honor to Recognize Everyday Heroes

The Row of Honor that has lined the shore of Lake Gleneida in Carmel every Memorial Day and Veterans Day for nearly a decade was installed Wednesday to recognize and give thanks to our everyday heroes – the healthcare workers and first responders who put themselves at risk to help fight the COVID-19 outbreak, Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell said.

“Even in the best of times it is not easy to leave your family and rush out to take care of sick people, or answer an emergency call, or respond to a fire,” Odell said. “But now, when caring for others can put their own health in peril, our first responders and healthcare workers are nothing short of heroic. We recognize their bravery and want to say ‘Thank you.’”

A single line of flags and a “God Bless America” banner will grace the lakefront from now until Memorial Day to remind passersby of the tremendous sacrifice our healthcare workers and first responders are making for the public good. Come Memorial Day, the traditional three rows of flags will be completed to include veterans in the recognition. “Healthcare workers are our unsung heroes,” said Putnam County Health Department Commissioner Michael Nesheiwat, MD.

“We are very fortunate to have a healthcare community that is deeply committed to serving the public,” Dr. Nesheiwat said. “They always deserve our respect and thanks. I’m glad we can honor them with such a public display.” “Our first responders act without hesitation to help others, and they always have,” said Bureau of Emergency Services Commissioner Ken Clair.

“Emergency responders are our first line of defense against this invisible enemy, coronavirus,” Clair said. “This did not come with the job description, but they have all stepped up. Let the flags fly high in their honor.”