Dear Patience

I have a bowl of angel cards in my bathroom, that I draw from each day. The card I pick becomes a focus for my day, inspired by spirit. Today I picked Patience. The accompanying book has the definition of Patience as “the will or ability to wait. To endure without complaint. Self-possession of one’s spirit.”

It goes on to suggest such things as “compose and quiet your mind, a great time for introspection, be tolerant of yourself and others, demonstrate calm stability with persistent courage in trying circumstances.” It assures us that we have the strength of character needed in adversity and that perseverance is good.

Another source on Patience says “slow down and notice the beauty that surrounds you. Savor each moment and be grateful for it. Your dreams are blooming more rapidly that you realize.”

My current dream is for things to return to normal and for us to be able to live our lives free from restrictions, threat and illness. And, of course, there are always restrictions, threat and illness—it is just more acute right now.

What is in your toolbox of self-care that helps you cultivate patience? What supports you in staying calm, connected to yourself and your loved ones in a loving way? Is it doing for others? Lending a helping hand that, not only supports others, but helps you feel less helpless? And all the while, making sure you are not depleted, but feeling full of goodness?

Some helpful things to keep us in balance are getting outside and moving, listening to the birds singing their spring song of renewal, smelling the earth coming back to life, oxygenating our bodies with fresh air, communing with nature.

Online, taking part in online yoga, meditation and new learning classes. Socially gathering for virtual game playing, conversation, connecting with family and friends who we have been planning on connecting with, but haven’t had the time in our busy “normal” lives.

This is a great time for creative endeavors: playing music, drawing, painting, gardening, rearranging rooms, clearing clutter and making new space in your physical space, which supports space in your mind and heart. This is a great time to tackle that project that has been sitting on our shoulders waiting for time—maybe that time is here now. How can you use this unusual time to discover something new about yourself? Experience yourself in a new way, not just the usual bad habits running the show, put aspiring to trying a new way of being? What is required of us now is to dig deep and find those inner reservoirs of strength, creativity, peace and love that are always inside, just waiting to be recognize and brought forth in our being and expressed in our actions. We are all in this together. How will you use this time?

Diane Ingram, MCC, is a Coach, Coach Trainer, Workshop Facilitator, and Speaker for Personal and Professional Development. She is a regular contributor to Pawling Public Radio and the author of five books. To learn more, visit online.