Pawling Picklers Prosper!

Pawling has gone crazy for Pickleball! The Lathrop Building at Lakeside Park has become the new home of a fun, fast-growing sport that has drawn participants from the surrounding community. Pickleball combines elements of badminton, tennis, table tennis, and racquetball. Played with singles or doubles, competitors use wood paddles and a perforated polymer ball, using rules that are similar to tennis.

Less than a year ago, Pawling resident Joyce Krieger learned about Pickleball while spending time in Florida. She posed the idea of bringing the sport to Pawling to Recreation Director Jessica Dickinson, and soon Pawling Pickleball was born. Now, the roster boasts over sixty competitors of all ages. The popularity of the sport has grown so much that the Recreation Department is even working on a proposal for outdoor courts in Lakeside Park.

In support of the proposed outdoor courts, many Pawling Picklers provided testimonials expressing their love of the sport. “I met the most amazing people, many of whom have given me sound advice about retirement,” says Doris Schukin of Pawling. “We have become friends and have developed a community. None of these people I would have ever met if it wasn’t for Pickleball and the Pawling Rec Center.” Adds Barbara Saskiewicz of Pawling, “Everyone is having such a good time, and on days when the group is large, it all seems to work out, as we play shorter games and share court time nicely. I hope we can get outdoor courts!"

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