Dutchess Tourism Releases New Farm Finder Brochure

Dutchess Tourism, Inc. (DTI) announced the release of a new brochure designed to draw attention to Dutchess County’s farms and agri-tourism attractions. This free brochure is available online at DutchessTourism.com/brochures-guides-newsletters, and in print at DTI’s 17 Tourist Information Centers located throughout the county. They will also be distributed at upcoming domestic travel trade shows in New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C., and internationally at shows in Dublin, London and Berlin. There were 50,000 copies printed.

The Dutchess County Farm Finder brochure features a fold-out map showing the county’s 12 farmers markets and the 44 farms people can visit to participate in some type of activity. Activities could include: cut or pick-your own fruits, vegetables, flowers or Christmas trees; special events; festivals; classes; or animal experiences like horseback riding, llama and alpaca walking, goat petting, etc. Additionally, the brochure includes listings for 15 roadside stands, markets and specialty farm shops. Ten craft beverage producers that offer farm, vineyard or orchard experiences are also highlighted. To encourage repeat visitation, the brochure opens with four regional and seasonal two-day itineraries and a sampling of 21 agri-tourism events that happen throughout the year.

Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro said, “Agriculture is an important part of Dutchess County’s heritage, dating back centuries, and we are fortunate to have dozens of active farms and farmers markets keeping that legacy alive today. Our local agri-tourism industry attracts countless visitors from around world with its year-round offerings, and Dutchess Tourism’s Farm Finder provides easy navigation to our county’s diverse farming assets and attractions.”

According to Dutchess Tourism President & CEO Mary Kay Vrba, “Of the $642.2 million visitors to Dutchess spent in 2018, $164 million was on food and beverage. Our farms and producers are an important part of that draw as visitors look to savor local and seek out farm-to-table experiences. This new brochure will help them connect where their food comes from to their dining experiences.”

Dutchess County Agricultural Navigator Jennifer Fimbel added, “This comprehensive new brochure will help bring visitors to our agri-tourism attractions and give our farmers the opportunity to interact with them, providing a value-added experience. Educating consumers as to how products are grown and raised as well as what’s in season also helps drive demand for their products beyond our local markets.”