Body and Soul

After a hard workout in yoga class this morning with Gabrielle at Inner Balance Studio, I am reminded about how important it is for me to keep moving and using my body. One of the values of yoga is that it moves the body in ways that are not routine, discovering dormant muscles that long to stretch and be used in new ways.

At this point in my life, yoga is perfect for keeping and even adding to flexibility. The aging body tightens up and causes aches, pains and injuries in major places like back, hips, shoulders and knees. Keeping moving and lubricating the joints of the skeletal system means being less prone to stiffness and injury. Flexibility truly is the key to youth.

The body hopefully will support carrying us around comfortably for the totality of our life. We ask a lot of it and often treat it shabbily with overwork or underuse, which are equally destructive. When we appreciate all that we ask of our bodies and care for them accordingly, lovingly, it results in a general well-being that permeates our days. The body-mind connection is real. What we do with our body affects our mind, what we do with our mind affects our body.

As a runner for over forty-five years now, with my knees still intact, I attribute that condition, at least in part, to listening when I need to challenge my limits and listening when I need to rest. And how much joy can be had by dancing your body to some great music. It lights up the soul like nothing else!

When we find pleasure in and bring care and love to the precious container that carries our soul around all the time, we receive the benefits of all that our body can teach us about vitality, viability and gentleness.

“Embrace and love your body. It's the most amazing thing you will ever own.”


As we move from winter to spring, get outside, walk, run, dance, delight in moving your body. Your body will respond happily.

Diane Ingram, PCC, is a Coach, Coach Trainer, Workshop Facilitator, and Speaker for Personal and Professional Development. She is a regular contributor to Pawling Public Radio and the author of five books. To learn more, visit online.