Thoughtful Hearts in Our Community

A joyful group of people gathered at the Pawling Library on an evening in late January and on the first Friday night in February. They came together to sculpt and then paint heart ornaments. Most did not know each other but one could have easily assumed that they were all good friends by the abundant camaraderie. The hearts they were crafting would be donated to the Pawling Resource Center and then distributed by the center to individuals and families.

Here are a few comments from those who attended this two-part workshop: “The program provided quality time with my son, learning something new, expressing creativity, doing something to bring happiness to others, in a non-judgmental relaxing classical-music filled environment with enjoyable people of all ages and backgrounds. Thank you for such a wonderful time!” “We always enjoy participating in the sculpting workshops. Recently we had fun creating heart ornaments, and thought it was great that it also benefited the Pawling Resource Center.” “People from around our community gathered to do ‘good works’ for the Pawling Resource Center. We got together seated at long tables and had ample supplies with which to shape and mold some comforting hearts out of clay, that were completed with fancy, decorative ribbons! We had no qualms about donating them as they were truly made with love, and meant for those who might need some cheering up. In addition, the gathering made for heartfelt conversations and neighborly fellowship, too.” The Pawling Resource Center does so much for the Pawling community as does our own library.

It was a wonderful experience to have once again united our organizations for such a good cause. We thank the center’s director, Terry Ariano, and all the staff and many volunteers. We thank especially our talented artists for donating their time, talent and generosity in order to give unto others.