Healing Vibrations

Artwork by Eitan Iankowitz.

Did you know that each organ system has a unique vibration? When ‘balanced’ we feel well. When off-balance, we become ill. Learning how to minimize exposure to vibration that distracts from healing, and increase exposure to those that nourish healing is essential to good health.

Vibration is literally everywhere. For centuries we have known that the human mind, body, and spirit are deeply impacted by vibration that surrounds our senses. Sight, touch, and hearing are just few ways in which we receive the vibrations. Internal organs such as the heart and liver are receptive to these vibrations, and respond accordingly.

The human body reacts with more than just mood, blood pressure, and heart rate. Levels of cholesterol, blood sugar, and spiritual ease as well as anxiety are all in direct response to vibration. Wonder what listening to the news – particularly upsetting news, does to mental and physical health when exposure is more than 45 minutes a day without a nourishing, balancing break? It interferes with the body’s natural ability and desire to self-heal. Frustration might lead to a feeling of helplessness. Since heads-in-the-sand proves unproductive, we can help heal our body by strategically using vibration – and it is easier than you might think.

As you are likely aware, there are therapies that build on this very concept. Color therapy, music therapy, and light therapy are just three of the many ways in which we have begun to tap into ‘vibration’ as a healing, energy balancing intervention. You can even begin to facilitate your own healing by taking charge of your personal space regarding a few key vibrations. How wonderful to achieve balance and peace in your own home environment, office space, and/or work cubicle by tweaking just a few simple sources of vibration! Where can you begin?

First step: get to know your unique rhythm including what brings you a sense of inner peace. For example, do you enjoy listening to music? If so, what kind? If your choice disrupts someone else’s rhythm, ear buds might work well. Streaming music that relaxes you – whether it is classical violin and piano music, or songs from decades past, echoing your youth – your music choice can facilitate concentration, and restore balance. When you feel productive, personal satisfaction nourishes healing.

Another example of tapping into vibration to help restore your balance is to consider how your eyes deliver vibration. Visual noise is created by clutter. While we can joke that a cluttered desk might signal a brilliant mind on some levels, too many piles of “I’ll get to that later” papers or articles of clothing might not be the best vibrational impact for you if anxiety about tasks awaiting throws you off. The choice is personal.

Vision is a key portal of entry for vibration. Color often plays a huge role in creating healing vibration. Choosing clothing, pictures, wall decals - or changing the color of the paint on walls to facilitate your own personal comfort may be valuable interventions. For many, there are certain shades of blues or greens that facilitate inner peace. For others, shades of yellow or purple. Whatever pleases you is personal. Honor your own choices.

Touch delivers vibration as well. Fabric against the skin may be an important experience worth evaluating. Ultra-sensitive skin often requires special cotton blends or silk to feel cozy. Some people do fine with coarse wool or burlap. If this isn’t your comfort zone – do what works for you. Sensitive skin doesn’t make you “high maintenance” – on the contrary, awareness of what you need to achieve comfort is a skill suggesting sophisticated recognition of how to reestablish and maintain your inner balance.

The behavior, words, body posture and tone of voice you project to the world expresses where you are along your ‘comfort/balance/healing’ continuum. Choose wisely not only so you can add positive vibrations to the world around you, but in recognition that the vibrations you choose impact the functioning of your own heart, liver and all internal organs. Check back in the next issue for a focus on how traditional Chinese medicine uses vibration to heal the heart.

This is your sacred journey through life and all steps taken and avoided are your personal choice. Here’s to wellness, balance and healing for you and all lives you touch.

"Dr. Nancy Iankowitz is a board-certified family nurse practitioner and Director of Holistic and Integrative Healing LLC. She is also host of “Marcy’s World,” which streams live on the Marcy’s World Facebook page. Email your questions to: DrIankowitz@yahoo.com. For more information, call (917) 716-6802, or visit www.DrIankowitz.com online.”