Cut Off Robocalls!

The Robocall scourge is worse than ever. Everybody is plagued by them and it’s just terrible for elderly folks. I’ve mentioned this before, but recent calls to me for help bring it to mind afresh. You can cut off most robocalls – like 99% – before they get to you.

All it takes is 5 minutes to sign up for a free service called “NoMoRobo”, and link it to your cable-supplied landline telephone number. (It still doesn’t work with telco landlines from Verizon or Frontier. But this is another reason to switch to cable.)

The way it works, once set up, is that calls to your phone are simultaneously sent to the NoMoRobo computers where the caller ID is compared to a massive database of robocaller numbers. If the calling number matches, then NoMoRobo hangs up on them. You hear one ring on your phone and then… *nothing*. It’s delightful.

It’s easy to set up, and truly only takes a few minutes. First create a free account at (If you get your phone service from Comcast/Xfinity, there’s a link to NoMoRobo on your telephone service account page, online.) NoMoRobo will ask for your email address, and the name of your telephone carrier. That will be “Comcast XFNITY” or “Optimum” for most homes in and around the Pawling area.

The NoMoRobo site will then link you to the place at your cable company’s site so that you can set “Advanced Call Forwarding” to go to NoMoRobo. Follow the instructions to configure the forwarding settings. At the end of that, you go back to the NoMoRobo site and test the connection. That’s it!

Unfortunately, NoMoRobo does not work with landline service from Verizon or Frontier. You can use it with most cell phone services, but there is usually a charge around $5 per month.

Robocall Blocking for Verizon & Frontier Landline Customers

Happily, there are alternative means for old-school telephone service users to reduce robocalls. It involves the use of a call-blocking device called “TeleZapper” that you plug into your house telephone system.

When “TeleZapper” (about $16 at Amazon, is plugged into your house phone system, whenever you pick up the phone, TeleZapper emits a short but magical tone on your line.

This short beep makes the robot callers think that your phone line is not a working number. so they immediately hang up and move to their next call. When you pick up the phone, the robot hangs up and you end up with nobody there. (Better than, “Hi; this is Rachel....”) Most robocalling systems will also automatically remove your number from their database of numbers to call.

So there you have it; it is possible to actually stem the tide of robocallers. The best one, NoMoRobo, is free – but it only works with telephone service from the cable company. If you have plain-old-telephone, the alternative is a zapping device that is easy to set up and use. No more robocalls!

Hoping, as always, that this is all quite clear and useful; but please let me know if I can fill in some details or help with anything on your computers.