Reflexology at the Pawling Library

Maria Polhemus presented a special interactive reflexology program at the Pawling Library on Tuesday, January 14.

Ms. Polhemus explained that, like the lines found on a map, we have lines or energy pathways running through our body called meridians. These meridians correspond to other parts of the body. Applying pressure and massaging areas along these meridians can help to remove imbalances and restore wellness. Throughout the program participants were seated in pairs and instructed how to perform this alternative noninvasive healing practice on one another and themselves.

Ms. Polhemus gave a brief history of reflexology and provided individual assistance to each participant. “This was fabulous,” said one person at the end of the program, “I learned so much.” Maria Polhemus teaches weekly afternoon and evening yoga programs at the Pawling Library. We are very grateful to her for the quality programming she brings to our library throughout the year.