LAND Gallery to Showcase WTC Photography

As the Ship Goes By (2018)

The LAND Gallery at 30 Charles Colman Blvd in Pawling, is showcasing “ONE” – photographs of One World Trade Center by Justin P. Goodhart. The photographs are powerful and emotional, bringing back memories of a sad time but also reminding us of recovery, growth and new beauty. The Artist Opening is Saturday February 22, from 2:20 – 5:00 p.m. There will be an Artist Talk on Friday March 20, from 7:00 – 8:30p.m. This will include a discussion of the work, some stories behind the images and tips & tricks for photographing the World Trade Center at day or night, as well as an opportunity for attendees to ask questions of the artist. The photographs will be at LAND Gallery from February 22 – April 11.

Since first seeing One World Trade Center, Goodhart has been drawn to the beauty of this building, which has grown out of tragedy and changed the skyline of New York. It sits upon hallowed ground and is a physical expression of the greatness of human ability, ingenuity and determination. He has sought to capture the building throughout the season, at day and night, from right up next to it, or from miles away. ONE seeks to show the beauty of One World Trade Center from various perspectives and vantage points, sometimes in its singular domination of Lower Manhattan and at other times as a member of a littered skyline or smaller detail.

Goodhart grew up in New York’s Adirondack region and has always had a strong connection to the land and the beauty of the world around us. Following college and starting a career in New England, he returned to New York in 2009 and currently resides in Patterson, NY. After having been a casual photographer for many years, it was the beauty of the Hudson Valley inspired him to start taking photography more seriously. Now, in search of that perfect light and a strong sense of wanderlust brings him around the region, the country and the world. Goodhart’s work has been featured in several local and regional publications, shown in galleries throughout the Northeast and is in the homes of collectors across the US.

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Repeating Verticals (2019)