February Recreation Spotlight

“The only way to do great work is to LOVE what you do.” –Steve Jobs

It is undeniable, at Pawling Recreation, we all LOVE what we do and we LOVE Pawling Rec. We are lucky to have an office team that works so well together to accomplish our goals. While we share a common passion for all things recreation, it is our unique LOVE that elevates our work to the next level. For this edition of the Recreation Spotlight, I asked our office staff to share what they LOVE about Pawling Recreation.

“I love that we get to connect and interact with the members of this community. I’ve watched kids enrolled in our programs grow into young adults. I love that we get to create programs and events to bring families together or inspire individuals to try something new. Iconic events such as our Triathlon, Halloween Party and Egg Hunts remain in our line up while new programs like Pickle Ball, Rec Clubs and Townsgiving are being introduced. I love that we can provide fun, educational and affordable programs for people of all ages. Infants and toddlers attend Mini-Mingle while the seniors fill the auditorium for our monthly luncheon. I definitely love the building updates. Our Buildings and Grounds crew has been done an amazing job renovating a building that needed a lot of love. I love the excitement and energy. I am not sure if anyone has heard this before, but EVERYDAY… WE ARE AMPED. I believe that the positivity is contagious and it is spreading throughout Pawling; it is a beautiful thing to see and be a part of. I love the support we have from the community and hope that it continues to grow as we dive deeper into 2020.” – Robyn Priano, Assistant Recreation Director

“To say I love coming to work is an understatement! I absolutely love what I do and more importantly the people I do it with. We have a great team! I love seeing a program go from an idea to joy on people’s faces, whether it is a Rec Club for kids or a Senior Luncheon for our seniors. All the planning and hard work is so worth the smiles we receive at each of our events.” – Lori Covell, Recreation Leader

“Lakeside Park and Pawling Recreation hold a very special place in my heart. 2012 was medically a very rough year for me and I didn’t know what I was going to do about a job since I had spent most of the year in my bed. When I was able to get back on my feet in 2013, I applied to Pawling Recreation as the Drama Director for Summer Camp. Pawling is a small town and it seemed like everyone already knew each other but they welcomed me into their family with open arms. Little did I know I was going to meet my future husband at this camp. I don’t think Robyn and Melissa will ever fully know how much working at Pawling Summer Camp turned my life around. My husband and I had our engagement party at the park under the pavilion (if he had it his way we would have gotten married at the park) because Lakeside Park is so special to us. We love Pawling so much we decided to buy a house in walking distance from the park. I have been so blessed to have been given so many different work opportunities because of not only Robyn and Melissa but Jessica as well. Now working in the Rec office I get to see and experience all the work that goes into different programs and events. I was even given the opportunity to put together my own 5k to raise research money for Lyme disease. It felt extremely personal to run an event like that considering working here was my first job after being so sick with Lyme. My coworkers at Pawling Recreation have become so much more to me than bosses and coworkers. There is never a dull moment at Pawling Recreation and I’m pretty sure that’s why I never leave. There is nothing boring or repetitive about my job and I am so lucky to have been able to learn so much.” – Kristen Malone, Recreation Leader

“What I love most about Pawling Rec is the positive atmosphere of people who love their parks and take pride in each moment. I love being able to create new partnerships and collaborate openly with individuals and organizations. No matter what role you have in the community – everyone’s voice is valued. Recreation has the great power to bring people together.” – Jessica Dickinson, Recreation Director

It’s obvious that we love what we do, but the LOVE of recreation is everywhere. Here are what members of the community are saying:

“The park is central to our town. When there are fun events happening, where we are able to attend or now, the positive energy instantly spreads throughout Pawling. Thank you, Pawling Rec, for adding to our community spirit.”

“Great basketball for men on Friday night. Great turnouts and a great leader (Mark Chipkin).”

“The energy the staff brings to the town.”

“The changes at Lakeside have been really great for my family.”

“Staff is so friendly and supportive of our community. There has been so much growth of activities and renovations to make Lakeside beautiful again. It makes one want to spend more time at Lakeside Park. They are innovative and make things happen.”

“Innovative ideas, lots of options, and amazing summer events.”

“I love the fact that they are always looking to make positive changes for the community and are open to suggestions. Their loving hearts shine through all the time.”

“I love that my sister and I can go fishing and it’s only a short walk away.”

“Well I have always loved going to the park to walk with my dogs it is so peaceful especially in the morning. My kids love to swim at the lake and do paddle boarding. We had fun this summer and plan to join as a family this year.”

“The staff and program director Jessica Dickinson have been great to work with and soooo creative and positive. I particularly like the Over 35 Basketball Program”

“Fun, exciting and geared towards the kids’ happiness.”

“New offerings provided like Pickle Ball that brings those from Pawling and beyond into our jewel of a park”

“The 35 and Over Friday Night Basketball. Been playing 20 years. I so look forward to it every week. The comradery between the players are friendships born to last forever. Thank you Pawling Recreation.”

“Improving the quality of programs that are vital to the community and families including, summer camp, after care and special events.”

“You offer safe and diverse classes, a wonderful place to enjoy our community.”

“The beach and lake. The park is a little slice of heaven.”

This February, I encourage you to see what we have to offer and discover what you LOVE about Pawling Recreation. Share what you LOVE with us on Facebook & Instagram @Pawlingrec or via email recreation@pawling.org. We can’t wait to hear your story.