Town and Village Team to Pursue Tree Grant

On Monday, November 18 the Pawling Village Board convened for their second monthly meeting at Village Hall. The evening’s agenda would see an appeal from Town Buildings and Grounds Supervisor Wendell Weber for the Village to lend their support in pursuit of a grant to receive funding under the 2019 Urban and Community Forestry Grants Program. According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, “the purpose of this grant is to improve the health of urban and community forests and to increase the sustainability of forestry programs.”

The Pawling Town Board has already passed a resolution in support of pursuing the forestry grant for use at Lakeside and Murrow Parks. Officials realized that it will be beneficial to widen the scope of the application to include the Village of Pawling as well. “When we started the application, they said that we should encompass the sidewalks in the Village, because everything is interconnected. They think we have a really good chance of getting the grant that way,” explained Weber. Officials have already consulted with an arborist on this matter, and will continue to seek support from other local organizations, including the scouting community and the Pawling Rotary Club.

The proposed grant will aid in not only cataloguing the trees throughout the area, but will also help to identify damaged areas and help to properly replace fallen trees. “Any of the trees that or damaged or need to be replaced, this will help us get other grants to pursue that,” added Weber.

The inventory and cataloging of trees will be beneficially to many projects in Pawling, including improved aesthetics for area sidewalks, a proposed renovation to the entrance to Lakeside Park, and the ability to accurately replace native species when trees fall due to environmental factors.