Town Board Organizes for 2020

Coleen Snow and Phil DeRosa

James Schmitt

On Wednesday, January 8 the Town Board would hold their annual Organizational ands Workshop meeting at Town Hall. Every year, this session allows the Board to have newly elected officials sworn in for their new terms, set the schedule for the upcoming year, and officially appoint individuals and organizations to a number of important positions.

The meeting would open with Dutchess County Sheriff Butch Anderson officially administering the oath of office to the officials elected to the Board this past November. In front of a standing room only crowd, Sheriff Anderson would swear in Councilman Phil DeRosa and Councilwoman Coleen Snow, who will each serve four year terms on the Town Board.

Next, Sheriff Anderson would administer the oath of office to Town Supervisor James Schmitt, who will serve another two year term after his victory in the November election. Following his induction, Supervisor Schmitt would express his gratitude to the community and offer a few words on what he hopes to accomplish during the next year. “I want to thank the community for putting their trust in me,” said Schmitt. “It’s been a really steep learning curve over the past two years, but I rolled up my sleeves. I’m confident that this Board is going to accomplish more, the enthusiasm is great. Thank you for believing in us.”

In the matter of scheduling, the Town Board will continue to hold their sessions on the first and second Wednesday of each month, for Workshop and Business meetings, respectively. In addition, the Board will only convene for one meeting on the second Wednesday of each month for the months of June, July, and August. The Town Planning Board will meet on the first and third Monday of each month, and the Zoning Board of Appeals will convene on the fourth Monday of each month. All sessions will be held at Town Hall, 160 Charles Colman Blvd. It was also announced the the Town of Pawling Grievance Day will be held on Tuesday, May 26.

Compensation for Elected Officials, set within the approved Town of Pawling 2020 Budget, was formally announced for the upcoming year. These figures include appropriations for Town Supervisor ($23,117), Town Board ($9,052), Town Clerk ($55,480), Superintendent of Highways ($63,931), Town Justice ($16,897), and Tax Collector ($16,059).

The meeting would also serve to announce the appointment of numerous positions throughout Pawling. John Daley will serve a one-year term as Town Dog Control Officer, Catherine Giordano and James Schmitt were appointed Town Information Officers, and Schmitt will also serve as the Delegate to the Association of Towns, with Town Councilman Jimbo McCarthy serving as an alternate.

For 2020, the Town of Pawling appointed the law firm of Hogan & Rossi as Town Attorneys, who will be retained as counsel for advice on legal and court litigation matters. Pawling will also retain Hogan & Rossi and the firm of Cappillino, Rothschild, & Egan, LLP as Town Court Special Prosecutors.

This year, Michael Kelly will once again serve as Chief Constable for the Town of Pawling. In addition, Brett Johnson, Francis Lansing, Duewayne Jackson, Susan Fundaro, Joseph Olenik, and Angelo Sblendorio were also appointed as constables. In addition, Ronald Gallagher was also appointed as the Town Fire Marshal.

For engineering services, the Town of Pawling appointed Joseph Zarecki as Town Engineer, and will retain the engineering services of The Laberge Group and CPL when professional engineering and planning services are necessary.

JoAnne Daley will serve as the Voting Delegate for the Dutchess County MS4 Coordination Committee (DCMS4CC) as well as serving as Secretary for the Town Planning Board. Dr. Thomas Bloom and Aaron Cioppa were appointed to three-year terms to the Town Planning Board, and George Brehm was appointed Chair of the Planning Board for a one year term. Margaux Miller and Terrence Wansley were appointed to the Zoning Board of Appeals, with Brenda Colberg-DiMarco appointed to a one year term as Chair. Finally, Jay Dickinson was appointed Town of Pawling Transfer Station Manager, Christine Mitchell was appointed as Town Bookkeeper, and Councilman William Johnson was once again appointed as Deputy Town Supervisor.