Pawling Students Shine - PCSD Presents NYS Assessment Results

At the PCSD Board of Education meeting on December 9, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Dr. Debra Kirkhus presented the NYS 3-8 Assessment Results for 2019. This update served to demonstrate the achievements and proficiency of Pawling students, as well as provide context of where the PCSD ranks among other schools in Dutchess County.

New York State 3-8 Assessments are scored using a 4 point scale: 4 (excels in standards), 3 (proficient in standards), 2 (partially proficient), and 1 (well below proficient). The rankings presented by Dr. Kirkhus are based on several achievement measures of English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics data combined.

Based on data provided by the New York State Department of Education for 2019, the Pawling Central School District is currently ranked #3 overall in Dutchess County. Spackenkill UFSD and Millbrook CSD were ranked first and second respectively. This ranking represents the third consecutive year that Pawling has occupied that third position in the state’s Overall Assessment Ranking. “Our district outperforms most other local school districts,” said Dr. Kirkhus.

In addition to the district’s high ranking, Pawling students also exceed in both overall math and ELA scoring levels when compared to Dutchess County and New York State. “If you look at how we’re doing against the state and county, we’re doing comfortably better. Our proficiency is rising,” added Dr. Kirkhus.

Next, Dr. Kirkhus would present the NYS Education Department’s data at the Regents level. For 2019, the PCSD is currently ranked second in Dutchess County, behind only the Spackenkill UFSD. Pawling occupied the second position in 2018 as well, up from #4 in 2017. By subject, Pawling students also performed at an elite level in 2019. In science, Pawling took high rankings in Earth Science (#2), Living Environment (#3), Chemistry (#1), and Physics (#1). In mathematics, Pawling also excelled in Algebra (#2) Geometry (#3), and Algebra II (#1). Finally, Pawling students also demonstrated high levels of proficiency in ELA and history, achieving additional top rankings in English (#1), US History (#2), and Global History II (#1). “This is really something to be proud of,” said Dr. Kirkhus. “I’m excited. It’s the staff, it’s (PHS Principal) Mrs. Callan, and (PMS Principal) Mrs. Gleason. They give everyone the support and resources that they need to make these results possible.”

The information presented by Dr. Kirkhus was warmly received by the members of Board of Education. “I’m blown away by the Regents Exams,” said Board President Dr. Jeff Asher. “We’re a small school, and we are truly at the top across so many different subjects. We’re talking about students that have very diverse abilities to do well. I’m truly amazed at how well we’re doing. It’s really a testament to the faculty and staff.”