Worldwide Film Festival ‘Manhattan Short’ Comes to Akin Free Library

On September 28 and 29 the Akin Free Library’s all-new Hilltop Cinema opened with the 2019 Manhattan Short Film Festival, one of approximately 300 venues to screen the films worldwide. The event was followed by a reception featuring the music of Space Dogs.

The evening saw rave reviews from the audience about both the venue and the films.

“For those of you who could not make it to the Manhattan Short Film Festival, it was a great event,” said Executive Director Matt Hogan. “The new screen and sound was perfect, I foresee many more evenings of interesting films.”

The evening would see viewers vote for their top choice from a selection of ten short films from the filmmakers from the United States, Germany, France, and Iran.

Manhattan Short began in THE Little Italy section of New York City in 1998 byNicholas Mason when he mounted a screen onto the side of a truck to show 16 mm films. As Mason states, “Manhattan Short is a ‘no logo’ experience; It has always been about great films, a great concept, great venues and an appreciative audience. It is that combination that makes Manhattan Short one of the largest short film festivals in the world today.

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