Heal the Earth – Heal Yourself

The human body is designed to self-heal, the mind is designed to calm itself, and the Earth is designed to maintain balance. The first two points are interfered with only when something gets in the way. Humans, by nature, get in our own way; in so doing, we interfere with healing of body and balance of mind. What about the Earth? When humans get in the way, our planet responds with a vengeance. So, how we can help the Earth balance as we help ourselves heal?

As humans, when we do our part to get out of the Earth’s way, we actually facilitate healing of our own body, and work towards balancing mind and spirit. Intuitively, you know much of what you’re about to read. Thank you, in advance, for your indulgence.

We can successfully combine efforts to heal the Earth with healing and balancing of mind, body and spirit by tweaking a few simple lifestyle patterns. You can begin by adding a few things to your daily routine, such as glass for storage – replacing plastic containers; and beeswax sandwich bags, instead of the familiar Ziploc. The more plastics you replace with glass – returning to the rhythm of early 19th century, the more environmentally friendly you become.

Cooking with properly seasoned cast iron pans, eating off glass dishes, and baking in Corning Ware pans goes a long way to avoiding chemicals found in Teflon coated bakeware. Additionally, when purchasing canned food, look for “BPA-free Lining” containing ideally “organic” foods, but “Non-GMO” is acceptable.

Your body is designed to accept certain information. The digestive system is familiar with unadulterated food (called “organics” since the late 1970s); lungs expect to breathe oxygen with a certain amount of moisture and other gases, but not too much carbon monoxide (as we get from tobacco cigarettes and vehicle exhaust). When we eat or breathe too much of what’s not in the body’s list of expectations, cells become confused and forget to die. A cell that forgets to die can either become a huge systemic problem (i.e. cancer, inflammation, chronic illness), or – if lucky enough to have strong filtering organs (i.e. liver, spleen, kidneys), can be re-educated and return to normal function.

Bottom line: this is your life, sacred journey and all steps taken and avoided are your personal choice. Making healthful selections for the Earth and your own body offers a better chance to enjoy a lifetime of quality living. Wishing you and those you love continued blessings and decisions in strength and wisdom.