2019 Varsity Sports Awards

On Friday, June 14, the Pawling Tiger Athletic Club, Varsity Club, and Pawling Central School District Athletic Club presented the annual Spring Sports and Annual Awards ceremony at Pawling High School. The evening served to honor the accomplishments of the district’s student athletes, and recognize their achievements both on and off the playing field.

Varsity Boy’s Lacrosse

Coaches: Travis Light, George Delavergne, Joe Giannantonio, Bill Maasz

Team Captains: Brett Gianntonio, Ryan Maasz, Aidan Clowry, Robert “Trey” Pfister

Most Outstanding: Aidan Clowry

Most Valuable Senior: Brett Giannantonio

Most Valuable Underclassman: Connor Shay & Robery “Trey” Pfister

Varsity Baseball

Coaches: Bobby Rodriguez, Mike Bellucci, Jason Kuhlmann

Team Captains: Jake Muller & Brian Beehler

Most Outstanding: Brian Beehler

Most Valuable Senior: Brian Beehler & Jake Muller

Most Valuable Underclassman: Freddy Heymach

All County: Jake Muller

All League: Brian Beehler, Joey Castellano, Jake Muller, Javier Santiago

All Section Honorable Mention: Joey Castellano

Varsity Dance Team

Coaches: Gillian Rinaldo, Melissa Pugliese

Team Captains: Veronica Buccy, Danielle Chu, Lauren Hollander

Most Outstanding: Veronica Bucci

Most Valuable Senior: Danielle Chu

Most Valuable Underclassman: Emma Donovan

Varsity Softball

Coaches: John Hodge, Mark Campbell, Tom Zoeller

Team Captains: Francesca Fleming, Alison Parent, Isabela Santiago, Emily Wall

Most Outstanding: Isabela Santiago

Most Valuable Senior: Alison Parent

Most Valuable Underclassman: Celine Wood

All League: Francesca Fleming, Alison Parent, Isabela Santiago, Celine Wood

All League Honorable Mention: Alexa Chavarri, Natalie Hemach, Emily Wall, Julia Zoeller

All Section Honorable Mention: Alison Parent

Varsity Golf

Coaches: Brian Ostyn & Stephen Malone

Team Captains: Zach Castro & Jack Slattery

Most Outstanding: Jack Slattery

Most Valuable Senior: Zach Castro

Most Valuable Underclassman: Alex Reda

All League: Zach Castro, Jack Slattery, Alex Reda

Varsity Girl’s Lacrosse

Coaches: Robert Walters, Kristin Light, Ariana Hamner

Team Captains: Morgan McCarthy, Kiera Tucci, Haley Wahl

Most Outstanding: Abby Savarese

Most Valuable Senior: Brigid Barrick

Most Valuable Underclassman: Kendall Arnold, Chloe Agopian

All Section: Morgan McCarthy

All League: Morgan McCarthy, Haley Wahl, Sara Corbi, Sofia Carrozza

All Section Honorable Mention: Abby Lewick, Sam Buechel, Abby Savarese, Annie Bekklund, Lana Ranghelli, Brigid Barrick, Julia Odell, Aislinn McGreal, Kendall Arnold, Chloe Agopian

School Record: 300 Career Goals: Morgan McCarthy

School Record: 500 Career Saves: Sara Corbi

Varsity Track & Field

Coaches: Jack Power, James Kelly, Adam Muroski, Lena Hickey

Team Captains: Michael Colombo, Emily DeGloria, Jack Hickey, Garrett Watkins

Most Outstanding: Noah Brightman & Julianne Hickey

Most Valuable Senior: Emily DeGloria & Garrett Watkins

Most Valuable Underclassman: Jack Hickey & Juliet Governale

All Sates Boys 4x4: Elijah Batista, Noah Brightman, Jack Hickey, Alex Petruso

All County: Julianne Hickey, Noah Brightman, Jack Hickey, Alex Petruso, Elijah Batista

All League: Noah Brightman, Emily DeGloria, Emily Farquhar, Joseph Furlong, Martha Hernandez, Jack Hickey, Julianne Hickey, William Mann, Andrew Nikolatos, Dante Pena, Alex Petruso, Garrett Watkins

In addition to the Spring Sports awards, a number of student athletes were recognized with the Pawling Tigers Athletic Senior Athletic Scholarship Awards. These awards were given to the team member for each sport which best exemplified dedication and commitment to the “team first” philosophy. Recipients of the award were Michael Columbo (Cross Country), Isabela Santiago (Field Hockey), Brett Giannantonio (Football), Ryan Maasz (Boy’s Soccer), Shannon Maynard (Girls’ Soccer), Veronica Bucci (Tennis), Laura Kuhlmann (Volleyball), Bridget Walters (Girls’ Basketball), Brian Beehler (Boys Basketball), Elijah Batista & Emily DeGloria (Indoor Track), Zach Smith (Wrestling), Ryan Maasz (Ice Hockey), Lauren Hollander (Winter Dance), Brian Beehler (Baseball), Alison Parent (Softball), Andrew Scalice & Emily DeGloria (Track & Field), Veronica Bucci (Spring Dance), Brett Giannantonio (Boys’ Lacrosse), Brigid Barrick (Girls Lacrosse), and Zach Castro (Golf).

Finally, several additional awards were presented to student athletes in recognition of stellar performance both on and off the playing field. The Athletic Director Award is presented to the student who best demonstrated persistence through obstacles, and was given to Alex Alcera. The Coach Irwin “Bud” Coombs Scholarship Award recognizing athletic and academic excellence was given to Danielle Chu. The honor of the Scholar Athlete Award for the three sport athletes with the highest average was presented to Veronica Bucci and Garrett Watkins. Finally, the award for Athlete of the Year was given to Brian Beehler and Francesca Fleming.