June Recreation Spotlight

This past year, we’ve embodied the mantra of always being “amped for camp” year-round! We’ve embraced the summer season in full force, adding many elements to Lakeside Park that will positively affect our campers.

During the school year, we have successfully added “Amped for Camp” single days when school is out to provide a little taste of camp when many parents still have to work. Our Spring Break week was a wonderful partnership between this Recreation Department and working parents, while keeping kids active and busy here at Lakeside Park. With so many changes around every corner, it’s hard to really understand how this year will affect your child’s summer season. Well, we’ve broken it down for you!

Here are the Top 10 things you must know about camp this summer!

1. Your camp staff are Amped! There are not many people who can mirror our excitement for all things summer camp, but this year our counselors are really taking charge. Staff training has already been in full effect and we’ve been stepping it up with the counselor dynamic. Training has focused on camper safety, creative activities, and meeting the needs of all campers in varied ways.

2. There are 8 weeks of camp. Yes, you read that right. From July 8 until August 30, each two-week session of camp will be jam-packed with activities, trips, and themed events. It’s pretty much a guarantee that all campers will be going home exhausted and excited to come back to camp for another day full of fun. We can’t wait to share all of the wacky things like our “Tie Dye Bonanza” Days or the epic “Cardboard Carnival” that we have up our sleeves!

3. Extended hours are available. Our regular camp day runs from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. this year. There are other available options for before and after care that would potentially extend the camp day for your child from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. if needed.

4. New Adventure Camp option! Our goal is to give campers the opportunity to explore the great outdoors. These campers will experience true nature immersion with extensive use of our neighboring Appalachian Trail. This program will focus on team-building, outdoor education and survival strategies. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will encourage cooperative problem solving, how to use resources wisely and creative exploration.

5. New water equipment and 16-foot slide. You may have heard by now that we have some new equipment in the water. There are Corcls, WGWAGS, kayaks, paddle boards, and more. The gigantic, inflatable slide measures over 16 feet and has already proven to be a hit at the lake. Campers will have time dedicated to using this equipment and will ultimately make memories that will last a lifetime.

6. Swim Program Integration – both Swim Lessons and Swim Team are easily blended into the camp day as extra programs! No time to hustle back and forth to swim lessons or to swim team? No worries! Swim Team practice happens five days a week. Three of those days, your camper can go right to camp after practice and two of those days are in the evenings to follow after-care! American Red Cross Swim Lessons can also be added to the camp experience and will be scheduled during the camp day so that staff can easily transport your child to and from their lesson with the appropriate Water Safety Instructor. The less stress for parents, the better!

7. We are DEVICE-FREE. We think that everyone can get the best benefit out of their camp experience when they are fully present and not distracted by notifications, alerts, or feeling that they are missing out in some way socially through their phones. If you don’t want anyone to miss out on fun this summer, make sure your child is HERE at Lakeside! When campers and counselors feel uninhibited by a device, their success in a safe, creative camp space will only grow.

8. Camp goes GAGA. Not only do we have a giant inflatable Gaga pit for indoor fun on rainy days, but we have a new outdoor installation as well! With sides measuring 10-feet long, this giant space will provide countless hours of activity as a new zone for friendly competition and downright fun. Did you also happen to know that there will be a new sand volleyball court installed just in time for camp? Adding new activity spaces around the park provides so many more options to be creative and play.

9. Exciting Trips are planned each session! Your camper has the option to attend the following trips this summer: Lake Compounce, Castle Fun Center, Zoom Flume, and the Maritime Aquarium. Camp will still be held on-site for those not attending the trip. We like making sure you have options. Every camper has different needs and interests, so it’s our job to make sure that you get the best experience out of your summer season.

10. Amped For Camp Individual Days Available. Before Session 1 of camp officially begins, we have some individual camp days that can be attended between 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. for one set daily fee per child. You have a choice to attend one day, some, or all of the days leading up to our official starting week of camp to get a head start on the excitement.

All in all, this is the summer to be a camper at Lakeside Park. How lucky are we that right in Pawling’s backyard we have this beautiful space to call our own? No matter the season, we are always “Amped for Camp!” Bring it on, summer.