Coming Home

My son and his partner moved into their new home over the weekend. As I witness the support it is already providing for them in their lives, I am reminded of the support all of us can receive from our homes.

One of the first things they did was buy things like a hose, water filters, new wastebaskets and hook up their Internet. They also bought multiple hanging flower baskets to bring color and life to their new front porch, and decorated their new mantle with Buddha statues and salt crystals. They are gradually making their home an outward expression of who they each are internally.

That is the potential for all of us. We can either create our homes unconsciously by having them be a storage space for all of our stuff and nothing more, or by consciously choosing to surround ourselves with objects that represent the beauty and essence of who we are and what we are moving towards in our lives.

We can create open space for family and friends to gather and feel welcome, creative space for expression of our artistic/crafty selves, nourishing space for healthy cooking and eating, solid space for winter exercise, organized office space for all our financial and administration aspects of our lives, sacred space for reflection and meditation, quiet dark space for deep rejuvenating sleep. What are the spaces you would like in your home that support your particular family and self?

Clutter is often an issue that comes up when talking about our homes. We often keep things in our space out of obligation to past generations, even when we hate the look of those things Can you courageously let go of the things that no longer serve you and free up the space for those things that now do?

Give yourself the gift of surrounding yourself with only those things you love. It is remarkable how this can change the energy of your home to become a comfortable, nourishing “soft place to fall” after a long day of living. To relax and be held in the loving arms of what matters to you.

Diane Ingram, PCC, is a Coach, Coach Trainer, Workshop Facilitator, and Speaker for Personal and Professional Development. She is a regular contributor to Pawling Public Radio and the author of five books. To learn more, visit online.