Celebrating Two Years of The Pawling Record

Your friendly neighborhood news team.

On May 19, 2017, the very first issue of The Pawling Record hit newsstands. Now, two years later, our publication is still committed to bringing our readers the very best of community, commerce, and culture. Throughout this time, the publication has had the privilege to be a part of the fabric of the community, and we are truly thankful for the opportunity.

As we celebrate two years of publication, members of the staff and Board of Trustees considered the notion of why a local paper such as The Pawling Record is so vital to a community. “A local newspaper is important for an informed citizenry,” explains Trustee Ed Lynn. “And an informed citizenry is important to the well being and growth of a community”

We have proudly reported on the accomplishments of area students, and worked to highlight the efforts of our educators. “As an educator, I value The Pawling Record because it provides an opportunity for our students to read and write for authentic purposes and furthers district goals of local curriculum and civic engagement,” says Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Pawling Record Trustee Kim Fontana. “The Pawling Record enhances our schools and our community.”

Two years have seen a great amount of development throughout the area. Countless new businesses have seen a wealth of coverage in the pages of The Pawling Record. “In addition to providing news, a local paper provides a forum for local businesses to be heard in the community,” explains Board of Trustees President John Burweger. “There are a lot of businesses, small ones in particular, that can benefit greatly by advertising.”

The paper enjoys an excellent working relationship with local officials, which is vital for providing the best possible coverage of happenings in the community. At election time, The Pawling Record provides an impartial and nonpartisan forum for candidates to explain their platforms to voters. “I taught American government and politics at the City University of New York for 30 years and believe that, in our busy world, a local newspaper is essential in helping residents know about and participate in town government,” explains Trustee Jill Norgren.

The articles that have filled the pages of The Pawling Record for the past two years are truly the story of the community. We have seen a conservation effort to preserve the natural beauty of Corbin Hill, and the reconstruction of the Whaley Lake Dam. Last year, Hollywood came to Pawling with the filming of A Quiet Place. A new wastewater treatment facility was constructed, and efforts began to revitalize local parks. New events have come in the form of Community Day and the Champagne Stroll, and longstanding traditions like the Christmas Tree Lighting, Farmers Market, and Pawling Fire Department Carnival always find a place in the publication. "Local news forms the bedrock of our democracy. While national and international news is certainly important, knowing what's happening on the community level is just as crucial, and you won't get that coverage anywhere else but your local paper,” says Social Media Manager Lisa Kelsey.

For two years, it has been our privilege to tell your stories. We would like to extend our most sincere gratitude to everyone who has donated their time, funds, expertise, and support to The Pawling Record. Our publication could not exist without you. Thank you for the stories. Thank you for the memories.