Village Board to Examine Truck Restrictions

The Village Board met on Monday, May 6 for their first meeting of the month at Village Hall. The evening’s agenda would see Board members examine the effect of delivery trucks on local roadways, as well as a presentation regarding two test wells that have recently been installed in the Village. The Board would also approve the upcoming Memorial Day Parade, and discuss the purchase of a new truck for the Highway Department fleet.

Following conversations with local residents, Village officials proposed a traffic study to examine the damage caused to area roads by large delivery trucks. Specifically, the blacktop on areas of Corbin Road has seen significant damage, leading the Board to consider measures which would limit heavy trucks that pass through the Village. “We’re not saying that we need to stop every truck that comes in Pawling, but we need a study,” said Mayor Robert Liffland. Officials also explained that pipes for the Village water supply are beneath certain roadways, necessitating the need for an examination of the local infrastructure. Going forward, engineers from Chazen Companies will examine possible solutions for limiting truck traffic in the Village, especially with regard to trucks not making deliveries. “The merchants need to be involved so we can see what their needs are,” added Mayor Liffland. The proposed study will examine signage, parking, and possible avenues of enforcement to limit heavy truck traffic in the Village.

Next, officials would hear a presentation from Dan Stone from The Chazen Companies, an engineering consulting firm from Poughkeepsie. Mr. Stone was in attendance to provide an update on the status of two test wells which have been placed on a perspective site to supply water to the Village. Recently, two eight inch test wells were installed on the Umscheid Homestead, which is situated south of Lakeside Drive and north of Grandview Avenue. In the future, Village officials will consider the purchase of the property as a perspective source for Village water.

Mr. Stone reported that the two test wells are pumping at a rate of 92 gallons per minute and 108 gallons per minute, respectively. “That’s all the water that the Village needs on any given day,” he said. As the project moves forward, representatives from Chazen will continue to work with Village officials, as well as Dutchess County and the Department of Environmental Conservation to study possible effects on the surrounding wetlands and animal populations. If the property is deemed viable, the Village could consider buying the entire property which would allow for the possibility of additional wells to provide more than enough water for the Village. “It’s ‘water in the bank,’ so to speak,” said Mr. Stone.

Next, Board members would discuss the purchase of a new Ford F350 truck for the Highway Department. The new vehicle would replace an aging member of the current fleet, at a cost of $50,958.75. Officials plan to purchase the equipment in conjunction with a county bid, but will not move forward with the purchase until the beginning of the next fiscal year.

Finally, officials would formally approve the American Legion to hold their annual Memorial Day parade. The event, which is a favorite tradition in Pawling, will be held on Monday, May 27 on Charles Colman Blvd.

The next Village Board meeting will be held on Monday, May 20 at 7:00 p.m. at Village Hall, 9 Memorial Avenue.