Coming Back to Life

This spring has been the most fabulous slow unfolding of life in the most wondrous way, from dormancy to full bloom. Watching the buds on the trees move from tight little red, orange, and lime green hues to early silky leaves that are spreading across the mountainside is the best entertainment around. I have planted four new evergreen trees and twelve new bushes. It is such a thrill to bring such beauty to my yard, interact with nature so intimately and witness the growth of new life up close and personal.

Every day I wish for rain to coax the new roots of the new plantings to growth and take root in their new home in my yard. And I have gotten my wish; it has been very rainy! Between the intermittent rain and sun, they are thriving as they receive these two elements critical for their growth.

How are you impacted by nature coming back to life? Do you feel the connection to your own nature with the natural world and its display of richness? Does it feel like a metaphor for how you are feeling? Are you receiving the nourishment critical for your growth?

Being with the unfoldment of nature all around us, in still contemplation, takes us out of the incessant noisy mind and supports us in reconnecting with being. In stillness with nature, we connect to a larger awareness. In stillness, we experience the larger living consciousness of all that is.

When was the last time you had this experience? It is available to you right now, here in this present moment. Don’t miss it. Step into the wonder that is revealing itself all around you now. Experience the wonder reflected back to you, the wonder of who you are. We are precious beings. It is all precious – life.

I love the words of Eckhart Tolle from Stillness Speaks, stated so beautifully:

Nature can bring you to stillness. That is its gift to you. When you perceive and join with nature in the field of stillness, that field becomes permeated with your awareness. That is your gift to nature. Through you, nature becomes aware of itself. Nature has been waiting for you, as it were, for millions of years.

Diane Ingram, PCC, is a Coach, Coach Trainer, Workshop Facilitator, and Speaker for Personal and Professional Development. She is a regular contributor to Pawling Public Radio and the author of five books. To learn more, visit online.