Automatic Renewal at Pawling Library

The Pawling Library is always looking for ways to improve services provided to the community, so on May 15, the library will begin its new auto-renewal system for checked out items. Materials eligible for automatic renewal will include any item that does not have a hold on it or has not already been renewed twice. Three days before the item is due, the patron will receive an email notice to inform them that their item has been renewed and will now be due at a later date. The new renewal period is based on the original checkout date. Automatic renewal will happen for all library users in good standing with the library.

Fewer fines should be incurred and materials will get to be enjoyed longer by library users. There is a limit, however, to the number of times an item can be renewed. Once an item has been renewed twice (either manually or automatically), it will no longer be eligible.

Only those patrons who have shared their email addresses with the library will be notified whether their items are renewed. If you have not registered your email address with the library, now would be an excellent time to do so. Automatic renewal has been received very positively by patrons and librarians alike in neighboring communities and is designed as an enhancement in customer service throughout the library system. Pawling community members with questions about this new service may contact the library at (845) 855-3444, or come in and speak to a staff member for more information.