Start Training Right!

Crossfit utilizes varied workouts to optimize physical and mental health.

CrossFit – you’ve probably seen videos of the uber-fit shirtless men and lean women swinging from gymnastic rings or lifting heavy barbells over their heads in competition somewhere on the Internet. You might’ve heard stories about injuries or how hard some of the workouts can be. You probably think there is no way you could do a class because you don’t feel like you’re in shape enough.

At Elite Progression CrossFit Pawling, we’ve been changing the lives of many people in this community, and you’ll be interested to find those people are just like you. Here is a brief definition that will have you looking at CrossFit in a different light and give you some insight as to what we actually do, making it less intimidating to schedule your first free session.

We use functional movements. Movements the body is designed to do. Sit and stand – squats. Pick something up – deadlifts. Put something above your head – press. These can be everyday movements. We teach them, strengthen them and prepare you for life by making you really good at them.

Our workouts are constantly varied. Each day is a new challenge. Each day you are training the physical aspect of health as well as the mental. Being fit isn’t just about being strong or having endurance. You also need balance, coordination and agility. While the majority of us are looking to continue our independence while we age, having balance and agility is extremely important to prevent injury or ailments. Improvements in strength and endurance are achieved by all, at any age, gender or fitness level.

High intensity is our friend. This is not the intensity you might be thinking of. Nausea or really sore muscles are not signs of a good workout. Yet making sure you push yourself to new limits is a must when looking to make a change to your body. That uncomfortable feeling, whether it be a high heart rate, burning muscles, or learning how to move safely and with technique can leave us nervous to start. This type of intensity cannot be ignored when doing any exercise program. We take the extra step in our intensity and make sure it’s also measurable.

No, not by the puddle of sweat you created, but by numbers you achieve.

We want to know, how fast did you run? How much did you lift? How much work was completed in the given time? How much fat have you lost? These numbers are tracked and revisited to ensure you are surpassing them. Achieving new “personal records” on certain workouts shows a definitive sign of improved fitness. We’ve all been in the gym before guessing if we were making progress. Not any more, now we have proof.

While the super fit are using their fitness in ways that might seem far from your current state, CrossFit is great for the everyday gym goer looking to move better, perform better as well as feel better. Time to start training right.

Eli Capel is Owner/Head Coach at Crossfit Pawling, and a Level 2 Trainer.