Mizzentop Students ‘Change the World’ with 3D Printing

Students at Mizzentop Day School created prototypes of items that would “change the world” as part of a recent lesson in Computer Science. The project asked 7th grade students to create a digital rendering of a design that would have a positive social or environmental impact if manufactured. When done, the models were converted into three-dimensional objects and printed using the school’s 3D printer.

“By becoming advocates for the well-being of our environment, our community, and the planet we share, students experienced the true meaning of cooperation and responsibility,” said Evan Kanouse, Director of Technology at Mizzentop. “When children care about the subject matter, they discover meaning and purpose in the educational process and develop a love of learning.”

The project culminated in presentations to key members of the school community, who helped the students further refine their ideas. Designs included “Stray Shacks” to provide shelter and food to stray pets, a pollution magnet to collect trash and clean the ocean, and an educational initiative called “School Cubed” to improve literacy around the world. “If we provide more people with an education, it will lead to less poverty and more opportunities,” said one Mizzentop student.