April Recreation Spotlight

We are looking forward to warmer weather, and we are doing something big. I am excited to announce that on Saturday, July 13, Pawling Community Day will be at Lakeside Park, fusing together the ultimate blend of Pawling-centered events from dawn to dusk!

The 32nd Annual Pawling Triathlon will lead the way in the morning to start Community Day in the right direction. This race has a new date and a new twist! This is a “sprint style” triathlon where the distances are shorter and manageable (.3 mile swim, 12 mile bike, 3.1 mile run). With new Adult Relay options, completing a triathlon can now be an attainable goal in the mind of every athlete regardless of their strengths and weaknesses. It can serve as a stepping stone to new possibilities, start a positive wave of community spirit, or be checked off your bucket list!

For any race participant, being in Pawling should feel like home in the heart of the Harlem Valley. Involving the entire family unit is now possible. Kids can participate in the Youth Triathlon component at noon by swimming, biking, and running shorter distances within the park – all activities that children innately crave. Encouraging our youth to engage in active lifestyles is crucial to the future of our community as a whole. Triathlon is a sport that kids can do for life. They may find themselves being more successful at one event versus another, but participating in a multi-sport race can lead to many different avenues and pique interest in something they may not have attempted before.

To make race day easier, we are thrilled to have All-American Triathlete James Kelly on board to help our community train for this. James has been competing in triathlons since 1989 and has covered all distances including the Lake Placid Ironman. He is a personal trainer and coaches the Pawling high school track and cross country teams. His triathlon training program (in May and June) will focus on how to prepare for and navigate the Open Water Swim, how to make transitions fast and stress free, how to be more efficient and faster on the bike, and how to pace yourself and finish strong on the run. Aspects of training, nutrition and hydration will be discussed as well as suggestions on equipment and accessories for both youth and adults. More information about this training program can be found on PawlingRec.com if you’re thinking about joining as a beginner or seasoned athlete, Youth and Adult options are also available along with special access to train in the lake before you jump in on July 13th.

Even if you aren’t a race participant, we are asking that you get involved and cheer along the route. The Pawling Triathlon will be a physical and mental challenge alongside a community of folks that have each other’s backs through competition, camaraderie, and compassion. Along with participant awards, we will honor local community members with “Community Spirit” Awards this year. Encouraging each other along the race route will now be awarded at the highest level with a special award dedicated to the group of people or an individual who goes out of their way to cheer along the race route. Will you rise to the challenge and take part in some way? I’m counting on you to “Tri.”

Following the triathlon event in the morning, we can look forward to a Music by the Lake “After-Party!” This musical afternoon will be stacked with multiple performances featuring Blue Alien Mystic at 2:00 p.m., Wading Nine at 3:00 p.m., and Space Dogs At 4:00 p.m. The 6:00 p.m. show is still to be determined, and will be the headline act to officially open the 2019 Music by the Lake summer season, and they have a fantastic line-up this summer! If you are craving more details, we will be sharing on social media as the Recreation Department, but Music by the Lake has their own Facebook Page to visit if you’d like to get the fresh info right from the source first!

During this afternoon full of music and lakeside swimming, Community Day will jump into full force with open vendors, food, and fun. We are looking for any and all community groups, businesses, crafters, artists, merchants, and more to take part as a vendor for the day to celebrate the success of all the triathletes from the morning and hold onto that energy throughout the afternoon and into the evening to capture all that Pawling has to offer as many call it home and also as a “must visit” destination. To take part in the day, vendors can easily sign up online at PawlingRec.com. Music by the Lake will then take us straight into the night and end with a beautiful fireworks show overlooking the lake around 9:00 p.m.

I’d like to personally encourage everyone of all ages to be here and support the entire Pawling Community coming together for this one special event. By merging together our strengths and varying interests into one epic day, we can truly showcase why this town holds a special place in our hearts and on the map. We don’t have to go far to see that Pawling is in fact the “Home of Positive Thinking” and the “Pride of the Harlem Valley.” If we’ve built roots further away, it’s time to revisit. Call the others and save the date. July 13 is Pawling Community Day.

Connect with us on Facebook or Instagram @PawlingRec and visit our website at PawlingRec.com to register for programs like the Triathlon or become a vendor for Community Day!