Renewal and the Pawling Library

Cicely Greaves, producer and host of the award-winning YouTube program Give and Take – The Virtues in Life, appeared at the Pawling Library on Tuesday, February 26, for her presentation entitled “Renewal.” There was an immediate connection with those who gathered for this engaging interactive self-improvement program. Greaves’s compassion for others was abundantly clear from the moment she began speaking, and those in attendance shared their worries, doubts, and fears. “We allow others to give away our power,” said Greaves. “Always, self-respect comes first.” As her presentation came to a close there was a palpable change in the room – a new and positive light. “I learn from you,” she added. “You learn from me.” Cicely Greaves, who holds a master’s degree in psychology from Purdue University Global, has already committed to return to the Pawling Library for another program in the near future. To learn more about Greaves and her moving video program, search “Give and Take-The Virtues” on

Donald Partelow is the adult programming coordinator at Pawling Library.