Village Board Moves Toward Sewer Extension - Musella, Pfister Appointed to Village Planning Board

On Monday, February 4, the Village Board convened to hold a public hearing about the extension of the village sewer district, and to appoint two new members to the Village Planning Board. Trustees also continued a discussion regarding renewable energy options.

The meeting began with the Public Hearing for Local Law No. 1 of 2019, which would extend the Village of Pawling sewer district to include the entire village. The original sewer district covered the majority of the downtown area and was extended during an expansion in the 1980s. “Currently there are approximately 550 parcels in the village served by the Pawling Joint Sewer Commission (PJSC),” explained Trustee and PJSC Chairman Dan Peters. “That leaves about 200 residents who do not have sewer connections. The proposal is to extend the boundaries to the edge of the village,” he added.

Officials believe that the extension of the sewer district will be in keeping with the other services offered to all village residents, including garbage removal and law enforcement. “All of the services we provide are to the whole village,” said Peters. “We believe this is a positive step in the right direction.”

Currently, Pawling is one of only two villages in New York State that have sewer districts within the village itself. Officials explained that the sewer district was always intended to encompass the entire municipality. The public hearing will remain open for the next Board meeting, and residents are encouraged to attend future Village Board and Joint Sewer Commission meetings if they wish to offer comments on the issue.

Next, the Board appointed Lou Musella and Robert Pfister, Jr., to the vacant spots on the Village Planning Board. “Both of them have stepped up to the plate,” remarked Mayor Robert Liffland. “Thank you both very much for wanting too join and give back to your community.”

Finally, Trustees continued to discuss the possibility of switching to a renewable energy power source for the village. Recently, officials have heard presentations from representatives of suppliers specializing in eco-friendly, sustainable energy, including wind and solar power options. Officials are optimistic that an arrangement with a renewable energy supplier can be reached, but will only proceed after an in-depth evaluation of cost structures. “I think I would like to see them take a look at our current bill and see what they can really do for us,” said Trustee Lauri Taylor.

The next Village Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 19, at 7:00 p.m. at Village Hall, 9 Memorial Avenue.