Pawling Library Holds Ornament Workshop

Over the years, the Pawling Library has had many sculpting workshops for families. A few of the parents who attended these workshops asked if such a program could be arranged just for them. And so one was planned, for November 30 – just for grown-ups. Before the class had taken place those who had registered were excited about getting together to create.

“It’s been years since I’ve worked with clay,” said one participant.

At the first class, participants asked, “So what will we be making?” And the answer was, “Allow your imaginations to run wild.” And that is what they did – within the course of two hours, workshop attendees had created pieces they were very pleased with. Some of the participants had taken part in creative workshops with their children, and others were new to the programs. They commented on how relaxing it was, moving the clay into ever changing forms. While they shaped clay, the room filled with conversation and laughter, as they did what comes so naturally and easily to children. The second part of the program took place on December 14 when the sculptors painted their artwork, and a group of adults who wanted to sculpt with other adults enjoyed being kids again.

Donald Partelow is the Adult Programming Coordinator at the Pawling Free Library