Mizzentop Day School Students Raise Funds for Ailing Youths

Mizzentop Day School is supporting the Ryan McElroy Children’s Cancer Foundation with a school-wide “Penny War.” The effort aims to raise money and awareness for the foundation’s mission of providing financial support for Hudson Valley families in the area who are currently confronting childhood illnesses.

Each classroom has a container outside the door to collect pennies. Students “add” pennies and dollar bills to their container to gain points for their classroom. Silver coins create negative points, inspiring friendly competition among peers in their race to collect the most pennies. At the end of the challenge, all of the points will be tallied, and the classroom with the most points will receive a prize.

“Our students and families are continually looking for engaging ways to give back to the community,” says Karin Shultz, Head of School at Mizzentop. “What better way than to take something found in practically every household – pennies – and put it toward the greater good? The effort also teaches children that even a penny can make a difference.”

“The Ryan McElroy Foundation is always thankful for the support of the Mizzentop community,” said Tralee McElroy of the McElroy Foundation. “My family and Mizzentop have had a special relationship starting when I was a pre-school student there in 1998 through my graduation in 2006. The fundraising campaign is an exciting way to remind our supporters that every penny allows us to help a family in need.”

The Ryan McElroy Children’s Cancer Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by family and friends of Ryan McElroy who lost his life to cancer just shy of his fifth birthday. It was his bravery and determination that inspired the family to continue his courageous battle to fight this devastating disease. Today, it is the foundation’s mission to raise funds to support the children living in our community who are afflicted with cancer and other life-threatening diseases by improving the quality of life for them and their family while they courageously battle devastating diseases. Community members who are interested in sending their pennies to support the cause can visit the Ryan McElroy Foundation at RyansFoundation.org online.