Remembering Betty Gallagher

When I think of Elizabeth (Betty) Gallagher, a phrase made popular by Matthew Arnold comes to mind: Sweetness and Light. Those words epitomize who Betty was. Her beauty and intelligence touched everyone she met.

If your children were lucky enough to be taught by her, you knew they were nurtured, cared for and loved. Every child Betty ever taught adored her. If you were lucky enough to hear her sing, you thought the heavens had opened, and an angel was singing. If you were lucky enough to share her love of literature, your conversations knew no bounds.

If you were lucky enough to be her friend, she made you feel like you were the only one in the world that she cared about and only you could make her day complete. It was your unique company that would bring a smile to her face, and you walked away feeling her light shining on you.

Everyone has a particular story about Betty that he or she holds close to their heart. It was simply because Betty made you feel special. We shall keep sharing those stories, for that is how we will honor and remember her.

This community was lucky enough to know her. We have lost an icon, and a beacon has gone out in Pawling. Although our loss saddens us, our hearts will be forever touched by the wonder and love of Mrs. Betty Gallagher.