Reid McGrath Elected to Town Board

On Monday, November 26, the race for the seat on the Pawling Town Board was finally decided. The results of the election were delayed for several weeks to allow for tabulation of absentee ballots. The highly competitive race was ultimately decided by 90 votes, with Reid McGrath (REP, CON) winning the seat over Coleen Snow (DEM, IND, WEP).

With his victory, McGrath will take the seat, currently occupied by Councilman Dave Kelly, in January 2019. “I just want to thank everybody again who supported me and for all of you who got out and voted,” says McGrath. “We had an amazing turnout. I’m happy the votes are finally tallied, and we can shake hands and all get back to work. I want to accomplish everything I had on my palm card and more.”

As he prepares to join the Town Board next year, McGrath says, “I’ve already been having conversations with the Chamber and the Village and Town Boards, as well as a few community members who live in the vicinity of Hurds Corners about looking at the whole Route 22 corridor (not just the north end) collectively, as a community, and seeking out shared services money to fund it. I do believe in economic development but bringing the right sort of development to the right areas of our town. I think the Appalachian Trail is a huge asset to our town, and we have yet to fully capitalize on the ecotourism possibilities it has to offer. I have also been chatting with some Library Board members and the Supervisor about the future of the Pawling Free Library. I think it would be a boon for the town as a whole to move the Library to a place like Murrow Park. I think it would revitalize Murrow, and there is ample space for parking and special library events.”

Coleen Snow congratulated her opponent and announced her intentions to pursue a seat on the Town Board once again next year. “The absentee ballots were counted, and in the end I lost by only ninety votes. I am very humbled with the amount of votes I did receive and so appreciate all who encouraged me, supported me, held fundraisers, canvassed for and with me,” says Snow. “My campaign was one of kindness, integrity, and grace. I plan to run again next year for the four-year term on the Pawling Town Board. In the meantime, you will continue to see me at Town Board Meetings as well as the volunteer work that I continue to do for our community. I wish Reid the best as he serves on the Town Board.”