New Transfer Station Regulations for 2019

Effective January 1, 2019, the Pawling Town Transfer Station will be enforcing a number of new rules and regulations. The changes to the facility’s policies were proposed by a committee of officials, including Town Clerk Cathy Giordano, Highway Superintendent Jay Dickinson, and Town Councilman Phil DeRosa, and were formally approved by the Town Board last month to help the station run more fairly and efficiently.

Beginning on January 1, the Transfer Station will be open only on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. If a holiday is observed on Monday, the facility will be closed and reopen the following Thursday. In the event that Town offices are closed because of inclement weather, the Transfer Station will also be closed and will open again on the next regularly scheduled day.

In 2019, residents will be charged $355.00 for their first permit. An additional permit will be available at a cost of $20.00, with a maximum of three permits allowed per household. Permits must be placed on the passenger-side rear window, and all previous year permits must be removed from the vehicle. No vehicle will be allowed into the Transfer Station after Tuesday, January 15, without a permit.

No Transfer Station permit will be issued to an applicant with a vehicle registered in the name of a corporation. This also includes Limited Liability Companies (LLC) and any other business or commercial entity. Residents who have access solely to commercial vehicles may petition the Town Board for an exemption.

Proper vehicle registration must be presented at the time of purchase, and must demonstrate that the vehicle is registered to a street address within the Town of Pawling, and that the vehicle is only for personal use.

Next year, attendants at the Transfer Station will enforce a policy of only allowing household debris and trash. No commercial building trash or debris will be accepted. Anyone found in violation of these policies will be subject to a $500 fine and revocation of their Transfer Station permit. In addition, only residential brush will be accepted, with a limitation of 4 inches in width and 10 feet in length.