Donaldson Trust Funds New Roof for Pawling Library

The Oliver S. and Jennie R. Donaldson Charitable Trust has generously provided the funding needed for roof replacements on the Pawling Library and the Pawling Library Annex. Library Director Brian Avery is “very grateful that the Donaldson Foundation was willing to fund the overdue replacement of our roof. Thanks to their generosity, we are able to proactively take care of this project before disaster strikes.” Despite some setbacks due to inclement weather, the roofing project is on track to be completed prior to winter’s start.

This substantial grant from the Donaldson Charitable Trust is yet another way that support for the Pawling Free Library has been provided by Oliver and Jennie Donaldson, who were long-time residents of Pawling prior to their deaths in 1970 and 1973 respectively. The library building at 11 Broad Street is in the heart of Pawing Village and was completed in 1963 on land that was specifically purchased and then graciously donated to the library by former Trustee, Oliver S. Donaldson. Before the creation of this dedicated space, the library was housed in several locations within the Town of Pawling.

The Donaldson Charitable Trust was also the primary funding source for the addition that was constructed on the eastern side of the library building in 1973 and dedicated as the Donaldson Wing. This project was undertaken in order to accommodate the need for additional space as the library’s use and role within the community expanded.

“Grant funding is an important part of the library’s overall well-being,” explains Board President Stephanie McLaughlin. “The Board of Trustees is very thankful that, due to the generosity of the Donaldson Charitable Trust, the capital improvement cost of the new roof will not fall to the Pawling taxpayers.”

With the Pawling Library approaching its centennial in 2021, library trustees are grateful for the opportunity to be able to completely replace the worn-out roof, gutters, and flashing with a new roofing system that will preserve and protect this important and significant community asset.

Removing the current roof and replacing it with a system designed to last decades will be undertaken by the local construction firm Dutcher Avenue Builders and may take several days to weeks to complete, depending on weather conditions. Library Trustees and Director Brian Avery apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause to patrons, and thank all for their patience as this much-needed installation is realized.