Village Board Addresses Sidewalk Initiative

The Village Board met on Monday, October 15, for their second monthly session at Village Hall. The meeting would serve as the Public Hearing for the 2019 Community Development Block Grant, (CDBG). It would also address parking issues and an ongoing sidewalk initiative within the Village.

The meeting opened with the Public Hearing for the 2019 Community Development Block Grant. “There was a little hold up through the county,” explained Mayor Robert Liffland, referencing the previous year’s CDBG funds that were secured for a sidewalk extension project. “The project that we have the money for is for West Main Street down to Murrow Park.” The allocation of the funds for the sidewalk extension was delayed by Dutchess County due to a lengthy illness of the only official who could sign off on the application. “What we’re going to do now is put it into two phases,” added Liffland. “That should actually hold us up better, because we’ll wind up with $400,000 to do the sidewalks. It will really help to finish the project.” The CDBG application was filed on October 19, and Village officials are hopeful that preparatory work can begin before temperatures become too cold.

Village Trustee John Burweger spoke on the ongoing sidewalk initiative that the Village is undertaking in conjunction with Dutchess County. “We’ve been fortunate to have Dutchess County be the lead agency to help us with our sidewalk initiative,” said Burweger. “They’ve surveyed everything that we have, created a condition report, and come up with recommendations.” The project aims to target areas in need of sidewalk improvement, and will also address intersections, crosswalks, and parking issues. To this end, Burweger and representatives from the Dutchess County Transportation Council recently set up an information booth on Charles Colman Blvd. and interviewed residents. “It’s going to be a very comprehensive report that should help us immensely to get grant money,” added Burweger. “It’s a very credible report with a lot of good meat.” Officials expect to have a final report from Dutchess County early next year.

In other business the Board addressed parking within the Village. The availability of parking spaces and enforcement regulations have been a longstanding topic of discussion within the Village. Officials have received a report from Dutchess County on the recent proposal that Poughkeepsie has considered for switching to a metered parking system. The Board will review the concept of metered parking, possibly to tie in with the idea of a Pay by Phone app that Village officials are also currently considering. “It may be a good idea, or it may not be,” said Burweger. “We have to get in touch with the merchants and see what their feelings are. It will be an ongoing discussion, we have to see what the wish of the community is.”

In final business, the Village Board appointed John Esposito to a five-year term on the Board of Fire Commissioners. Esposito will serve the Pawling Fire District with his term beginning on January 1, 2019.

The next Village Board meeting will be held on Monday, November 5, at 7:00 p.m. at Village Hall, 9 Memorial Avenue.