PHS Celebrates Homecoming 2018

On Friday, October 12, Pawling High School students and faculty celebrated homecoming with an annual parade and bonfire. Each grade of the high school built a float for the parade. The float theme this year was “childhood movies.” Ninth-grade students took inspiration from the movie Moana, while sophomores used Frozen; juniors chose The Incredibles, and PHS seniors were inspired by Monsters Inc. On the day of the parade, every grade received time during school to build their float, about an hour and a half at the end of the school day. Later, one student from each grade accompanied a truck to the school, where it would be hooked up to the float to pull it to the village, and eventually through town.

Decorating the floats is a competition for the students, with each grade trying to be the most creative. The ninth graders painted one of their students with Maui’s tattoos from Moana, and the tenth graders sang along to songs from Frozen as they rode through town. The high schoolers rode behind the elementary school students, who participated in their own bike parade.

Pawling Elementary students decorated their bikes with school spirit and rode them to the elementary school. Once everyone gathered at the elementary school, Pawling High School Principal Helen Callan honored all the students who participate in fall sports by calling up each team one by one. After everyone was called up, Callan announced that the senior class was the winner of the float competition. Once all of the announcing was done, the students dispersed and walked over to the traditional homecoming bonfire, which was held in the middle of the elementary school bus loop. The flames of the bonfire would reach about ten feet high, and most people stood around the festive fire to keep warm. As the evening ended, everyone went home excited for the homecoming football game the next day, which Pawling won by a score of 48 – 6 over Roscoe.