Village Board Considers Parking App

The Village Board convened on Monday, October 1, for their first meeting of the month. On the evening’s agenda was a presentation from a representative from PayByPhone Technologies, an update on the Village budget, and a Public Hearing date for input on the 2019 NY State Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) project.

First, the Board heard a presentation from Adam Kriegle, a representative from PayByPhone Technologies. Kriegle was in attendance to provide information on the PayByPhone app, which allows commuters to pay for parking spaces directly from their phones. The technology eliminates the need for cash or credit-card transactions at pay stations and allows commuters to purchase additional parking time remotely. Users can download a free app to use the service and receive text confirmations of their transactions. Village officials will be considering the implementation of PayByPhone technology for use in the Metro North parking lot adjacent to the train station.

Kriegle explained that PayByPhone is owned by Volkswagen, and the technology is used by more than 18 million commuters in numerous metropolitan areas, including Seattle, San Francisco, and Boston. “The way Pawling is set up is perfect for this app,” said Mr. Kriegle. If officials choose to pursue a relationship with PayByPhone, it would come at no cost to the Village. Users will be charged 35¢ per transaction. In addition to the modernization and convenience of the app, it could also allow for the removal of one pay station in the Metro North lot, which would lower the costs of maintenance fees while still allowing commuters to use cash if needed. The Village Board will consider the use of PayByPhone in the coming weeks.

The Village of Pawling is currently at the 33% mark of the fiscal year, which runs from July to July, and officials reported that all appropriations and expenditures in the budget are correct. Furthermore, the Board approved the purchase of a new furnace for the Highway Garage in the amount of $10,000. The funds will be moved from the Contingency Account of the General Funds Budget, a fund that is used for expenses such as equipment replacement.

In final business, the Board set a Public Hearing date for resident input on the 2019 NYS Community Development Block Grant. The CDBG is used to fund municipal infrastructure projects, and last year’s application yielded a $250,000 grant for sidewalks leading from East Main Street to Murrow Park. The Public Hearing will be held at the next Village Board meeting on Monday, October 15, at 7:00 p.m. at Village Hall, 9 Memorial Ave.