Pawling Library Hosts Life-Saving Seminar

The Dutchess County Department of Emergency Response hosted a “Stop the Bleed” seminar at the Pawling Library on September 18. This program was designed to educate participants about how to aid those wounded, from minor to serious injuries, before they are treated by emergency healthcare professionals. The County’s Emergency Preparedness Bio Terrorism Coordinator Mario Gonzalez was the guest speaker, aided by a team of volunteers from the Dutchess Medical Reserve Corps.

During this two-hour presentation, a thorough outline was presented to audience members listing the appropriate ways to react in an emergency situation. The program drew people not only from the Pawling community, but also those who traveled a significant distance to attend this important presentation, including individuals who work in the emergency healthcare field.

Gonzalez began by making it clear, that to save a life, first call 911. Then, make certain you are not in any potential danger. Finally, proceed by administering the necessary means to stop the bleeding of the injured person.

Following the PowerPoint portion of the seminar, attendees lined up for a hands-on demonstration of the three ways in which bleeding is controlled in an emergency situation by proper use of a tourniquet, filling a wound with packing cloth, and applying direct pressure.

“The help given by an immediate responder can often make the difference between life and death, even before professional rescuers arrive,” Gonzalez asserted.

“This is something that affects us all,” said one program attendant. “I knew you had to apply pressure, but I found out what to do and what not to do. This was really helpful.”

The Pawling Library would like to thank the Dutchess County Department of Emergency Response for instructing everyone on these lifesaving techniques. We also extend our gratitude to all first responders for their unending dedication to assisting others in life-threatening emergencies.

To learn more about future presentations at the Pawling Library, visit online, or call (845) 855-3444.

Donald Partelow is Adult Programming Coordinator at the Pawling Free Library.