Harlem Valley Homestead Hosts Harvest Festival

One of a series of community programs on living with the land

This place can become a destination for people who want to get back in touch with the land.

On Saturday, October 20, Harlem Valley Homestead will be hosting a harvest festival, free and open to the public. The festival is one of a series of events for the community, which are focussed on helping people learn to live on the land.

The beautiful 250-acre farm sits between the Tenmile River and the Appalachian trail. They raise grass-fed beef, mixed vegetables and flowers, and sell their products at the Dover Farmers Market. But it isn’t just about agricultural production. “The farm is a resource, not just for growing food, but for the community, and others to learn, to connect with the land, and to connect with each other,” says founder and Wingdale resident Josh Viertel.

Harlem Valley Homestead has hosted free community workshops nearly every week from July on. They have included introductory courses to beekeeping, foraging walks, mushroom hunting, pasture management, and farm tours. They also hosted a Trail Magic day for hikers on the Appalachian Trail. Community members baked cookies, and brought them to hikers, along with surveys about how local businesses could work with and mutually benefit hikers. The events will continue through the fall.

“The Harlem Valley is so rich. Between the beautiful farmland, the Appalachian Trail, the Tenmile River, and the community of incredible neighbors we have here, we believe this place can become a destination for people who want to get back in touch with the land, and live a more connected life,” says Viertel. “And that can be an important part of our local economic development.”

To that end, Harlem Valley Homestead has plans to increase its capacity to host guests for farm stay vacations, events, and educational workshops. The vision is for a farm that hosts guests who share food from the land and from neighboring farms, and have hands-on experience in rural living. Homestead is working with other local groups and community members towards a shared commitment to creating a thriving and sustainable economy based around appreciating and stewarding our natural resources.

To RSVP to Harvest Festival visit:https://www.harlemvalleyhomestead.com/events/harvest-festival