Chamber of Commerce Postcard Fundraiser

From the stately stone facade of the Akin Free Library and somber shingled Meeting House on Quaker Hill to the sprightly redbrick Dutcher House in town, Pawling has its fair share of unique landmarks to point out to visiting relatives. Thanks to a new fundraising effort courtesy of The Pawling Chamber of Commerce, you can now also send them home with a set of keepsake postcards.

The Chamber’s Beautification Committee, headed up by Marie Stewart of The Yarn Box, has reissued a series of black & white photographic postcards featuring these historic buildings and other scenes from around town. Marie reached out to Village Trustee Earl Slocum, who had the original set. “People were always coming in the shop and asking if we had postcards,” says Stewart. “I thought this would be a good way to raise money for all the projects we do around town.”

The committee has overseen repairs to town sidewalks and the aging stonewall by McGrath’s Tavern, which is frequently damaged by accidents, among other ongoing projects. The group is also responsible for the signage around town and provides the flowers in the median on Charles Colman Boulevard.

The post card photographs were taken in the mid eighties by Joanne Berghold, a Pawling resident at the time. In an email Joanne explained, “Nancy Tanner asked me to take them, and we went around together. Nancy also encouraged me to have my first photography show at the original Book Cove, so I have her to thank for giving me a start.” (Pawling resident Nancy Tanner was the original owner of The Book Cove). Joanne has since relocated to Montana where she is well known for her stunning black & white images depicting weathered barns and the windswept plains of that state. The set of cards stir up fond memories of good times and good friends: “We lived with our three children in Pawling for thirty-eight years,” says Berghold. “What a great town. It was a super place to bring up our children.”

Printing was provided at a discount by Chamber member Carlo Marano of Millennium Printing & Graphics. Look for the white metal stands holding the series of nine cards at The Chamber of Commerce building, The Book Cove, Good Tidings, and North Winds Lavender Farm, all on Charles Colman Blvd. The cards are a dollar each or six for five dollars, and 100% of the money raised by their sale will go toward protecting and enhancing the beauty of our town.