Pawling Schools Receive Summer Improvements

All windows at Pawling High School were replaced this summer.

The library at Pawling Middle School received a facelift and new furniture.

While students were enjoying vacation over the summer months, the Pawling Central School District (PCSD) was busy with a number of improvement projects. PCSD buildings not only received their annual cleaning and maintenance upgrades to prepare for the upcoming school year, they were also given improved safety and security features as part of the district’s Capital Projects initiative.

At Pawing High School, all exterior windows were replaced with double-insulated glass for improved energy efficiency and to offer better protection from sun glare. This year, students will also enjoy a brand new cafeteria. The new space will feature furniture fitted with wheels to allow for easy arrangement and storage and to allow the cafeteria to also be used for numerous extracurricular activities. The wide room will also feature cafe-style benches and stools around the perimeter, as well as tunable lighting, new microwaves, and an additional emergency exit. PHS Seniors can now also enjoy a remodeled Senior Lounge with new ceilings, LED lighting, and windows that will allow them to see into the cafeteria.

To further ensure security for students and faculty, the front entrance to the high school is getting a significant upgrade. Visitors will now be buzzed into the building at one door, where they will speak with a greeter and be asked to provide identification before being granted access through a second set of security doors. There will be a separate set of doors for faculty that will also make use of the two-door entrance system. This year, the district will continue to use the Raptor Visitor Management System, which allows district personnel to cross reference a visitor’s information through school databases.

At Pawling Middle School, the building’s main office received a fresh coat of paint, as well as a new Tiger stencil on the wall. The school library gained a complete makeover with new carpets, wheeled furniture, and desks with whiteboard surfaces in the library’s Maker Space. Pawling Middle School will also be using revamped security at the front entrance, mirroring the system at the high school. The building’s library, cafeteria, and main office will also be receiving new security doors. A new generator for the school’s food storage and data systems is expected to be installed this fall.

Pawling Elementary School saw a significant upgrade in safety, as the district installed a new fire shutter in the cafeteria. The shutter is designed to lower ten seconds after a fire alarm has been activated, separating the food service line from the cafeteria. A new security door with panic bar was installed in the kitchen. New sound panels will be installed in the cafeteria this fall.

Finally, 2018 – 2019 will mark the second year that district athletes will have access to a network of running trails situated in the woods behind Pawling Middle School. The district made use of the remaining fill from last summer’s repaving project to develop a half-mile of level outdoor trails. The trail system has already been put to good use by Pawling’s cross-country team, as well as students and members of the community who enjoy walks in the woods.