Mizzentop Starts the Year Celebrating Unity

Mizzentop Day School kicked off the new academic year with two events focused on bringing students, parents, and teachers together in a fun and exciting atmosphere.

On Tuesday, September 4, Mizzentop families were reunited after summer break during the school’s annual drop-in orientation. Parents helped their children find their classroom, meet teachers, decorate lockers, and catch up with old friends. “We want our families to feel like back-to-school is like coming home, a family experience,” says Karin Shultz, head of school at Mizzentop. “When everyone is excited to be here, the students feel valued and more confident. They love coming to school!”

At the end of a week filled with team building activities, Mizzentop families gathered for an ice cream social on Friday night. Families enjoyed delicious desserts while the children rode bikes, trikes, and scooters. Parents assessed the capital improvements that took place over the summer at Mizzentop, particularly renovations to the school gymnasium. “I met a lot of people, which made me less nervous,” said Alan, a new 6th grader at Mizzentop. “Plus, it’s fun to be able to run around and be yourself at school!”

“Everything we do at Mizzentop – every class, performance, sport, and act of service – is grounded in our Living Values, which include concepts such as acceptance, unity, and responsibility,” said Evan Kanouse, technology instructor and Living Values Coordinator. “This creates a community in which all students are respected, understood, and loved, and where each child enjoys learning.”

Mizzentop seeks to serve the greater Pawling area with their message of unity through open-to-the-public events including the upcoming American Girl Tea Party on October 20, and the annual food drive in support of the Pawling Resource Center.

To learn more about Mizzentop Day School, visit Mizzentop.org online.