Green Chimneys Raptor Week Celebrates Teamwork

Students end their summer session with fun and creative competition

At Green Chimneys School in Brewster, students work hard all year long. Coming together for a few days of team activities and healthy competition was a great way to close out the summer session. During the last week of August – the official end of the 2017-18 school year – students participated in the first ever “Raptor Week” by dividing into four teams and competing in track & field events, swimming, games, spirit activities and some unusual farm-style events perfectly suited for Green Chimneys’ farm setting. School staff also got involved, captaining the teams and fully participating in sports and spirit activities right alongside the students.

The result was three days of major fun, along with valuable lessons in teamwork and sportsmanship for all. Event highlights included the Cow Patty Toss, Wagon Pull, and the Team Cheer and Dance Off Competition. Teams racked up points for each event and a giant trophy was awarded to the winner: The Blue Team.

Raptor Week gets its name from Green Chimneys School’s newly adopted Raptor mascot. ‘Raptors’ also appears on the jerseys of the student football team which debuted this past school year. As a symbol of strength and agility, and representative of Green Chimneys’ renowned wildlife program, the raptor inspires students and staff alike.

The event was created by Green Chimneys’ dynamic recreation department which is dedicated to meeting general recreational, as well as individual therapeutic needs for students through activity programs that provide the opportunity for children to develop their social, physical and emotional coping skills. Diverse programs from sports to arts are part of after-school scheduling, and evening and weekend activities for residential students. Recreation staff utilizes the extensive resources on the Green Chimneys campus, and within the community, to develop fun and engaging activities that emphasize participation, respect, responsibility and conflict resolution.