Resource Center Receives New Sewer Connection

In recent weeks, the Pawling Resource Center (PRC) property underwent renovations to connect to the village sewer line. The work was completed following an outpouring of support from community leaders and several area businesses who donated time and materials to ensure that the facility can continue to serve the community.

“We realized that we had an issue last year, and we continued to have problems with the pipes,” explains PRC Executive Director Terry Ariano. “We were actually connected to an old fashioned cesspool. When they dug that up, we started thinking about how to modernize and connect.”

Pawling Joint Sewer Commission Chairman Dan Peters became involved with the project and ultimately organized a collection of companies who would generously provide materials and manpower. “I talked to many different people to get it done without the Resource Center being charged,” says Peters. “Its nice to see how everyone stepped up.”

The excavation effort was spearheaded by Jason Maxwell, President of Amaxx, Inc., of Pawling. “Jason and his crew donated time and machinery,” Ariano says. “He’s such a generous person, and he’s always been so supportive of the Resource Center.” In addition, pipe was supplied by Tam Enterprises, Inc.; backfill was donated by Peckham Materials, Inc., and Inframark donated time to make the connections to the village sewer system. After several days of excavation, the project was delayed when workers encountered more rock than anticipated. In response, Pawling Town Supervisor James Schmitt generously donated the use of heavy machinery from Schmitt Brothers Excavation to help compete the project.

“It was quite an extraordinary amount of work done to benefit the Pawling Resource Center,” says Ariano. “Everyone donated so much, and we’re so incredibly grateful. As usual, this is an amazing community to be a part of, and they’re so appreciative of what we do here.”