Village Board Holds Public Hearing on Zoning and Building

On Monday, June 18, the Pawling Village Board met for its second monthly meeting at Village Hall. The session would serve as the first of two Public Hearings regarding an amendment to a Village Code regarding zoning and a local law that concerns maximum building height and residency restrictions.

Last month, the Village approved a resolution introducing Introductory Local Law 1 of 2018, which aims to amend Chapter 98, Schedule B of the Village Code Entitled “Zoning” and Village of Pawling Local Law No.4 of 1994. The resolution also amended Village of Pawling Local Law No.4 of the 1994 Comprehensive Plan Update 14 of the Addendum to the Comprehensive Plan. The proposed alterations to these regulations include defining maximum building height for new construction within the Village of Pawling, as well as allowing flexibility in permitting limited residential occupancy on the bottom floor for mixed-use buildings in certain areas.

Officials cite the importance of clear definitions of maximum height requirements, as the Village will see several new construction projects in the near future. Currently, regulations regarding maximum height of proposed buildings are unclear, and the Board seeks to rectify this issue by raising the maximum height of any structure to fifty feet.

Proposed changes to these regulations will also include an addendum to the Village Comprehensive Plan regarding mixed-use buildings. The Village’s B-1 District includes Memorial Avenue, sections of East and West Main Street, and Charles Colman Blvd., and currently allows commercial rental space only on the ground floor, and residential space above. The proposed change to the Comprehensive Plan would leave current regulations in place, but would give the Village Planning Board flexibility to determine zoning for properties in surrounding areas. These determinations will be made by the Planning Board on an individual basis.

The second Public Hearing on the matter will be held at the next Village Board meeting on Monday, July 2, at 7:00 p.m. at Village Hall, 9 Memorial Ave.