PHS Awards Night Honors Tigers - De Gloria, Melchor, Talamo Named Athletes of the Year

On Friday, June 15, the Pawling Tiger Athletic Club, Varsity Club, and Pawling Central School District Athletic Department held the Spring 2018 Varsity Sports Awards Ceremony at Pawing High School. Hosted by Athletic Director John Bellucci, the evening would serve to recap the achievements of the school’s student-athletes, as well as announce the recipients of the 2018 Athlete of the Year award.

This year, Pawling High School announced that seventy students had competed in three varsity sports. Of those, twenty-two students maintained a 90 overall cumulative academic average. More impressive still were the ten students who achieved an academic average over 100 while participating in three varsity sports.


Unsung Hero: Juliet Governale, Daniel De Gloria

Most Valuable Underclassman: Julianne Hickey, Jack Hickey

Most Valuable Senior: Alex Badia, Filomena Gentile

All County: Filomena Gentile, Julianne Hickey, Alex Badia

All League: Alex Badia, Josten Gomez, Garrett Watkins, Alex Petruso, Jack Hickey, Daniel De Gloria, Jason Nikolatos, Jonathan Pina, Julianne Hickey, Melissa Talamo, Filomena Gentile, Katherine Vogel, Juliet Governale, Emily De Gloria


Unsung Hero: Danielle Chu

Most Valuable Underclassman: Veronica Bucci

Most Valuable Senior: Stephanie Sypher


Unsung Hero: Jack Slattery

Most Valuable Underclassman: Matthew DeVitto, Jack Slattery

Most Valuable Senior: Cameron Walters

All League: Zack Castro, Matthew DeVitto, Jack Slattery

All League Honorable Mentions: Cameron Walters, Kyle Grossman, Jesse DeHuff


Unsung Hero: Robert (Trey) Pfister

Most Valuable Underclassman: Aidan Clowry, Robert (Trey) Pfister

Most Valuable Senior: Steve Caione

All League: Steve Caione


Unsung Hero: Sofia Carrozza, Lily O’Hara

Most Valuable Underclassman: Abigail Savarese, Chloe Agopian

Most Valuable Senior: Lauren McGreal

All Section Honorable Mention: Morgan McCarthy

All League: Morgan McCarthy, Kiera Tucci, Sara Corbi

All League Honorable Mention: Ava Panzer, Brigid Barrick, Abigail Savarese, Haley Wahl, Abby Lewick, Sofia Carrozza, Lana Ranghelli, Annie Bekkelund, Lauren McGreal, Lily O'Hara, Aislinn McGreal


Unsung Hero: Javier Santiago

Most Valuable Underclassman: Javier Santiago

Most Valuable Senior: Tyler Schilb

All County: Brian Beehler, Jake Golodner

All League: Brian Beehler, Jake Golodner, Tyler Schilb, Javier Santiago

All Section Honorable Mention: Brian Beehler


Unsung Hero: Samantha Smith

Most Valuable Underclassman: Julia Zoeller

Most Valuable Senior: Kayla Chavarri

All Section: Kayla Chavarri, Olivia Zoeller

All Section Honorable Mention: Isabella Santiago

All League: Kayla Chavarri, Francesca Fleming, Alison Parent, Isabela Santiago, Samantha Smith, Julia Zoeller, Olivia Zoeller

All League Honorable Mention: Anna Lisa Credendino, Emily Wall

The evening celebration ended with the presentation of the 2017 – 2018 Scholar Athletes and Athletes of the Year. The distinction of Scholar Athlete was awarded to Alex Badia and Filomena Gentile. Each student-athlete not only participated in three varsity sports, but also maintained an overall cumulative academic average over 100.

The female Athlete of the Year was awarded to Melissa Talamo, for her dedication to Pawling’s field hockey, dance, and track teams. The male Athlete of the Year award saw a tie, with the distinction going to Daniel De Gloria and John Melchor. De Gloria was honored for his achievements in cross country as well as indoor and outdoor track. John Melchor also excelled on both track teams as well as the Tigers football squad.