Graduates Pay Final Visit to Pawling Elementary

On Thursday, June 21, the graduating class of Pawling High School would turn back the clock and return to the building where the educational journey for many of them began. The seniors returned to Pawling Elementary School to walk the halls one final time for a morning of memories and celebration.

The seniors arrived at Pawling Elementary by bus with an escort from the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Department. Leading the way were High School Principal Helen Callan, Dean of Students John Bellucci, and PHS’s own Tiger mascot. Dressed in their ceremonial caps and gowns, the future graduates lined up and file into the school, passing by the playground where many still have happy memories of recess periods past.

As the students made their way into the school, the song “Graduation (Friends Forever)” by Vitamin C played over the building’s loudspeaker. Pawling Elementary students, teachers, and faculty lined the halls, and the seniors were met with cheers, applause, and even ringing cowbells as they passed by. Many of the younger students waved signs and noisemakers, high-fiving the graduates and receiving a glimpse into what their future holds as Pawling scholars.

The seniors made their way through the building and the gymnasium before gathering in front of Pawling Elementary School one final time to bid farewell. “Our second annual Senior Walk to Pawling Elementary School was an awesome experience for our graduates, teachers, and our elementary students,” said Helen Callan. “The halls of the elementary school were filled with laughter, applause, and a few tears. What a wonderful way to celebrate the accomplishments of our students!”