Angel Aura Spiritual Boutique

A unique and exciting new business has come to Pawling with the opening of Angel Aura Spiritual Boutique. Located at 12 West Main Street in the Village, the shop offers a wide array of services including access to Mediums, Tarot Card readers, and meditation circles. At Angel Aura, owner Diane Rivera seeks to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for the community to embrace all aspects of spirituality.

Angel Aura specializes in providing a place for spiritual professionals to gather and offer their services to anyone who seeks them. The boutique offers a full schedule of events and seminars. Some of the offerings include a guided mediation class, which allows visitors to connect with their guardian angels and archangels, as well as Manifestation Meditation, Tarot readings, and sessions with a psychic medium. This month, the shop is also offering workshops led by Shaman Healer Elka Boren, who offers tea leaf readings, healings, Chakra Balancing, and Tarot and angel readings. “I’m meeting these people and giving them a place to hold their workshops. We’ll have people doing Reiki and yoga, and I’ll share it with everyone,” says Rivera.

In the coming months, the boutique will continue to increase its list of programs to include energy healing, singing bowls, and a Native American guide to spirit animals. There will also be workshops for younger visitors, including explorations of faeries and mystical creatures. In addition to the multitude of spiritual programs being offered, Angel Aura also has a selection of jewelry, handmade candles, clothing, and books available for purchase.

Diane Rivera is a third generation medium, and growing up surrounded by spiritual influences ultimately led to her opening Angel Aura. “This was a journey of my own,” she explains. “My mom is a medium, so I grew up that way. It was normal for me, but I had more questions. I met a lot of people who had gifts of their own, so I decided to bring it into my own world and open a shop.” Raised in the Bronx, Rivera is a resident of Lagrangeville and mother of seven. She credits the support of her husband as she embarks on her new endeavor in Pawling. “He’s been helping me to achieve my dreams as this all came about,” she says.

Angel Aura is also a family affair, as Rivera’s mother Maryann uses the shop to perform psychic readings. Maryann identifies as a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and empathic, meaning she can see, hear, and feel things from the spiritual or ethereal realm. “This is something I’ve been doing all my life. I have a gift,” she explains. “My gift is to help people, and if I can do it in any way, I will.”

Now that Angel Aura Spiritual Boutique is open for business, Rivera is eager to become further involved in the community. She is currently working to bring several programs to the Pawling Library, including offerings for youths and seniors. “People in Pawling have a lot of town pride, and they have been very welcoming,” she says. “You don’t have to believe in everything, but just look and listen. I want people to know that they will feel good after coming in here.”

For more information about Angel Aura Spiritual Boutique and a schedule of upcoming events, visit online.