Town Board Members Report on Lakeside Park and More

On Wednesday, May 2, the Pawling Town Board convened for their first of two meetings this month. The session featured administrative reports from all board members addressing a multitude of subjects, including Lakeside Park, the Town’s insurance plan, and the Transfer Station.

Councilman Bill Johnson addressed the status of Dutcher Golf Course and Lakeside Park during his presentation. Regarding the Dutcher Golf Course, Councilman Johnson suggested to the Board that course managers have access to either a petty cash account or a credit card for the purchase of supplies, to avoid personal out-of-pocket expenses and lengthy reimbursement periods. He also praised course officials for their ongoing efforts to purchase food and supplies through wholesalers, keeping operational costs low. Councilman Johnson has also been coordinating with the Buildings and Grounds Department in an effort to provide an office for Town constables at Lakeside Park. Having a constable presence at the park would also to address concerns over a recent incident of vandalism at the Teen Center located on the property. Finally, Councilman Johnson reported that discussions to bring the annual Pawling Fire Department Carnival to Lakeside Park are producing positive results. Johnson has been working with officials from the Pawling Recreation Department and Pawling Fire Department to facilitate the change in location for this summer’s carnival.

Regarding the Town Transfer Station, Councilman James McCarthy reported that he and Councilman Phil DeRosa have been working in conjunction with Highway Superintendent Jay Dickinson to reduce the large pile of brush currently building up at the station. McCarthy recommended that new limitations be placed on brush dumping at the station, with no pieces larger than 8 feet in length, and 4 inches in diameter to be accepted. He also suggested bringing in an outside contractor with a commercial grinder to chip the sizable pile of brush at a rate of $3,000 per day, with the job likely to take two days. The Board will consider the implementation of these new specifications before next year’s Transfer Station permits go on sale.

During his presentation, Councilman Dave Kelly addressed the renewal of the Town of Pawling’s insurance policy. Kelly praised the efforts of the Town’s insurance agent, Lori Johnson, for her continuing efforts, which have not only kept up adequate coverage, but have also lowered premiums by roughly $3,000 since 2010. He further explained that Johnson’s work is doubly impressive, considering companies are often reluctant to offer bids to the Town of Pawling due to the liabilities found at the Whaley Lake Dam and several abandoned buildings on Town property. Councilman Kelly introduced a motion to renew the Town’s insurance at a cost of $110,036, representing a decrease from the previous year. The resolution passed unanimously.

In final business, Supervisor James Schmitt spoke about many ongoing infrastructure projects. Schmitt reported that he has toured the Village of Pawling’s Wastewater Treatment Facility with Village officials, and the renovation project is progressing smoothly. In addition, Schmitt said he was recently able to tour Pawling with State Senator Terrance Murphy, and the two were able to examine the site of the Dewey Lane Bridge. The structure has been closed for an extended time and has fallen into disrepair; Supervisor Schmitt and Senator Murphy will be seeking grant money to facilitate renovations. The two were also able to tour the facilities and landscaping at Lakeside Park.

The next Town Board meeting will be held Wednesday, June 6, at 7:00 p.m. at Town Hall at 160 Charles Colman Blvd.